Watch Several WWE Superstars Lip Sync In This Year's WWE Summerslam Music Video Here

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The official WWE website has uploaded a video of various WWE Superstars and Divas lip-syncing to the theme song of WWE Summerslam, "Don't Give Up" by Kevin Rudolf. The video is embedded below:

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending this in.

  • whisperingsmile

    Actually just peed a little watching that…..

  • Philip Thompson

    Good for giving you an idea on the dynamic of some of the relationships of the stars who appeared together.

  • Frendo

    How did they manage to get rihanna in the film clip?

  • Lochy

    CM Punk and Sheamus cracked me up, as did Daniel Bryan.

  • nefty131

    Funny stuff. Liked the part where punk “broke out of his shell” only to find Sheamus watching him. Lol

  • Boothmonkey

    That was actually good props to Daniel Bryan, Layla, Sheamus and CM Punk!

  • SantinoFan

    Santino really needs to move on from WWE, that guy can make a LOT of money doing comedys! His timing is perfect!

  • Ellen

    That was great! Hope they had as much fun making that as it was watching it.

  • outkazt09

    Will this song be in chris brown’s greatest hits featuring rihana?

  • Ernest Bethea

    I watched. I laughed. I danced along with them. Good video!

  • Randy

    Hahaha punk and sheamus cracked me up I wonder if they would of put orton in this if he wasn’t suspended

  • Denise

    great video!! Where did they shoot it?

  • Moe

    I actually didn't mind the song so much, as I thought I wouldnt enjoy it.