Watch The 100th Episode Of Z! True Long Island Story With Zack Ryder Here

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The final episode of Z! True Long Island Story with Zack Ryder has been released, and is embedded below:

  • Patrick

    So he desided to end his youtube show or was it WWE’s idea… either way it’s sad to hear the show is ending.

    • BlazeKing

      Totally his idea. The straw that broke the camels back was WWE interfering with his show. When the episodes started getting delayed and re-cut, you almost knew it was going to be the end. I knew it was coming when he started recapping everything for about 2 shows.

  • steve pritchard

    This Guy is a joke! Wwe needs to just release this Guy already! What a waist of TV time

  • The Breaker

    Ending it was the right move for Zack. The show had definitely run its course. I bet he was tired of WWE tampering with his episodes too. But, I for one will still miss Z!TLIS.

    Take care, spike your hair. (I had to.)

    • lee

      WWE probably wanted it gone, It was taking fan’s away from there YouTube show’s

  • Kenneth

    Zack Ryder not only needs to end the show he needs to end the gimmick completely. It got him a bit of a career boost for a while and it helped him display his creativity and passion but the gimmick ran its course several months back and has become a joke. He came up with this gimmick, hopefully he can do something else to keep himself relevant because he’s a good performer with a lot of potential. As it is though his character is just that of a partyboy douchebag clubber that no one really likes any more.

    At least as a face the gimmick has run its course. Maybe if he asked to go heel with it it might add some spice? I mean, there’s very little practical difference between Ryder and TNA’s Robbie E. At least Robbie E is embracing his douchebagness and inviting people to hate him. He’ll likely have the longer run with this type of character.
    I hope Ryder does stick around in some format and can do something to shed the stigma of having a loser joke gimmick.

  • Alex P

    Eh as much as I liked it (before he got buried and just started complaining) it was time for this show to end. I mean for a while now he’s just been doing the bare minimum with it every week. It was cool when he was looking to get pushed and see him progress to win the US title and such, but now he’s just a guy who has had his opportunity and now it’s time to move on. He needs a new gimmick or a heel turn (but let’s not forget…this gimmick started as him being heel and got him no where)