Watch The Cryptic Video Plugged On Tonight's Raw Supershow

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Embedded in the video below is the cryptic video that was plugged on tonight's Raw Supershow. The cryptic video is still promoting the January 2, 2012 edition of the show:

  • JakShowtime

    Look within, eh?

    "It's me, it's me, it's D-D-P!"

  • lukey

    It’s to obvious to be taker surely

  • raf

    save us Y2J!

  • keagan

    it's the Brooklyn Brawler!!!

  • Ricardo

    Hmmmm…… very interesting!!

  • Cyn

    Its Edge!

    • lukey

      Edge can’t wrestle due to permanent neck injuries

      • Brett


        • lukey


      • Meh


        • LukeT


  • Shane McMahon

    Johnny Ace Is the temp GM. Shane O Mac is coming back to take what is rightfully his

    • lukey

      Shane McMahon is into mma now and won’t return due to vinces refusal to also get into mma. They are at a dispute about this

      • Brett

        breaking news!!

        • lukey

          Lol the beauties of a premium membership and the patience to read every story

  • ABNo4

    The tone suits Undertaker, but terms like "prophet" point more towards Jericho. I'd welcome either return.

  • christopher525

    I'm still feeling that this is going to end with that ominous "…are you scared?" Followed by the gong, then the playing of American Badass and the bike coming down the ramp again. Can't wait, let's hope it turns out this way.

    • Patrick_Peralta

      I hope not I hated the Biker Gimmick.. his Dead man gimmick is much better.

    • Big Jim

      I was thinking the same thing. It has the same tone as the Judgement Day 2000 and the Vengeance 2007 promos for 'Taker, But when they say "prophet" it makes me think of no one other than Jericho. If this turns out being for the Undertaker returning as the American Badass, which honestly would be highly unlikely, I don't think they should end with "…are you scared?"….I think they should end with the screen going blank, heavy footsteps, a grunt, followed by a roar of an engine. Younger fans wouldn't know what it means, but older fans that watched from 2000-2003 would know exactly what it meant.

  • Kevin

    Edge is retired for good. It’s Shane O Mac

    • Patrick_Peralta

      Edge is retired from the ring but he can do Non-Wrestling Roles like a announcer or the Raw GM.

  • Brandon

    It's Buff Bagwell!

  • @Commishg19

    At first I thought possibly Kharma because it would have been 7months since she left and she could have been 2months pregnant already just before she left, but that looks doubtful now. I imagine now it probably will end up being The Undertaker.

  • narcnarc

    It’s Shane McMahon! Coming back to take back what is his!

  • H.M.

    Undertaker does not seem to be the type to address himself as a 'Prophet'. He never has and probably never would. A term like that seems more fitting for Jericho.

    But judging off of what the child was saying in yet another amazing promo, I feel as if it's Stephanie McMahon and Shane McMahon…lol.

    • KDurant nottheBBstar

      hulk hogan and eric bischoff….oh wait… they work for casa de bingo hall also known as impact wrassilin lol so it's not them…so who could it be…. my guesses is….

      1.TAKER return of the ABA
      2.JERICHO 3rd coming
      3 SHANE O MAC/STEPH corporate takeover…again?
      4. Someone else..(?)

    • Patrick_Peralta

      Undertaker did the Ministry Gimmick and was more Devil like. so that is in tune with being a "'Prophet'. "

  • Whammaster

    It could be paul bearer "returning" to help "raise" the dead man again. This is something i just though of tbh.

  • SaveUsY2J1212

    Its colin delaney obviously

  • guys really ?its kane duhh with the mask,

    • tim

      there not talking about the mask promo there talking about the promo with the kid there is no mask in it.its undertaker or jericho

  • Bob

    It’s intended for Y2J but, they keep these videos with a darker tone so if he doesn’t sign they can use undertaker.

  • Bob hanes

    It is mordecai, better known as kevin thorn. We don’t need another middle age has been to make another boring return.

    • Matt scott

      Well think you’re the only one who doesn’t want one more Taker match

    • Big Jim

      They never should have killed off the Mordecai character! An Undertaker-Mordecai feud could have been one for the ages! The battle between Heaven and Hell! But that's WWE Creative for ya!

  • Juice Bronson

    It's Jason Voorhies!!

  • MrCoolDudeGuy

    Its funny this promo lasted longer than the divas match that followed

    • jon

      and also, a little sad, but mostly funny.

  • I really don't want this to be the Undertaker, as much as I love the guy as a performer I'd rather a shock return where he comes out and takes out who-ever he's chosen as his next and potentially last victim at WrestleMania.

    In saying that, the language used in these videos does sound like Jericho, very intelligent words, and speaking down on people like he was previously. Despite him having not been signed yet, I'd still love to see it be him

    • Big Jim

      Agreed. But then again if Jericho does return I don't want him to be like how he was when he left. I want him to be how he was when he first debuted or when he returned in 2007. I want his charisma back!

  • Billy

    I got to admit, was thinking the Shane thing was stupid, but with the girl also in there (Stephanie) and the way they are dressed, it makes alot of since. That would kinda suck though

  • tammy

    did you notice they did it durning the beth phoenix and natalia ventage they were showing my bet is it a diva a new lady wrestler or should i say a return if it is it will be khama

    • Matt scott

      Wish people would stop saying that! They had the YouTube link up during the first or second twitter trend flash

  • Gary

    These better not be for Jericho b/c the videos are absolutely stupid and have nothing to do with him character-wise.

    Also, once again, way to blow an interesting storyline by pointlessly just bringing back Kane's mask with no story behind it. The lack of true creativity and story telling is amazing being that the entire show is based around those two aspects.

    • Big Jim

      KANE RESSURECTED. He's ressurecting himself. There's the story. He wants to be dominant again.

  • Del

    It's Pirate Paul Birchill!

  • jon

    look within…somebody already in WWE? well, this is beyond Rey Mysterio's gimmick but alas, that's the first name I can think of for someone already "within".

  • ken

    skip sheffield!!!!!

  • zak

    I saw the ball and immediately thought of the rock saying “AUSTIN can take his ball, and go home”.

  • Don

    It's The Undertaker and Michelle McCool! LOL JK

  • Gillberg