Watch The Debut Episodes Of Three WWE YouTube Shows, Starring Santino Marella, Dolph Ziggler, More

Three more debut episodes of video series have been released on the official WWE YouTube channel, and are embedded below:

Santino's Foreign Exchange

Dolph Ziggler Hosts WWE Download

The Usos Host WWE Outside The Ring

  • ZeppelinK

    WWE Download is actually really entertaining with Dolph as the host, I could see this on the WWE Network

  • Dustyn

    I liked all three, Santino is always entertaining, the show hosted by Dolph looks good, and the Outside the Ring show looks like it will be good too.

  • Dave

    "Excellent "balls" control."
    "Who told you that?"
    "I witnessed it myself!"

  • Alex P

    No offense to Ziggler cause I'm really starting to dig him…but I'm not a fan of the WWE Download show. The Usos show was different/cool and honestly anything with Santino and a mic is gold in my opinion!

  • XKonn247

    So, Vince McMahon is a Ray William Johnson fan. Also, that suicide joke; not funny.

    • Matt Scott

      So what got this a down vote? The fact I pointed out the fact its a blatant rip off of =3 or the fact suicide isn't funny?

  • Lars Nimmegeers

    Not allowed to watch the event in Belgium so i'm still not subscribing to the official wee youtube channel
    I prefer Long Island over these

  • Niels-9

    Works fine in the netherlands

  • Matthew Parker

    I love how WWE says they do this for the Universe, then don't allow us to comment on it

  • @RatedMKD

    WWE Download isn't a very substantial show, in regards to the content, but Ziggler's just so entertaining that I'm already eagerly awaiting the next installment!

  • gpturbo81

    thats just like WWE to disable comments

  • Shawn

    I think WWE is trying to push samples of their WWE Network. These shows could work on there.

  • hurrigame

    My thoughts on the shows:

  • Wwe4L76

    Usos- C
    Santino- C
    Dolph- D