Watch The Final Cryptic Video On Tonight's WWE Raw Supershow

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Embedded in the video below is the sixth and final cryptic video that aired on tonight's WWE Raw Supershow:

  • kanesakiller

    Everyone stop saying its undertaker or jericho! Its obvious its brodas clay…john lauranitus was talkig to him in the phone call bout him coming next week and hes been using the saying The End Begins. Sadly i wish it was jericho or undertaker

  • Sean

    Ok ok I got it… It’s the gm.. It’s the laptop.. Returning to get what rightfully his.. The power of being the gm..the powers at b will not stop him.. Hey why not? .. Truthfully i think it will b Jericho .. But why not throw some other ideas out there..

  • Joey

    At the 34 second mark there appears to be something written on the paper, but I can't read what it says

    • James Mitchell

      I think it says “I am the Brooklyn Brawler”.

  • Gabe

    I think it’s Taker

  • A-Wade

    “he’s coming”. At least it isn’t a wasted vignette on a chick!

  • Michael

    Vince McMahon is coming back

  • zeroswitch

    Vinny Mac???

  • Nick I.

    Different kid?

  • Ian P.

    Man, this has been the biggest promotion for bringing Goldust back since his inception in the WWE.


  • 1 2 3 KID

    Its so Vince McMahon

  • Steve

    the kid kinda remindend me of Jericho at the end

  • steve2

    I think it’s McMahon. I think “She will announce his return” is steph. Also some of the clues were CONTROL and other stuff like that. I just don’t think it will be anyone everyone has been talking about since it usually isn’t. I dunno, watch the videos and think Vince.

  • Bigbdawg

    Clearly it’s undertaker

  • Guest

    Undertakers final run, no doubt.

    • wwe insider

      I agree or edge.

      • lukey

        Edge can’t wrestle, he has legit neck injuries

  • Hardy

    Not enough for me to think vince, I do think it’s gonna be Jericho.

  • Noah


  • That’s gotta be Undertaker, surely.

    I hope he fights Kane at Mania.

    And I’m not sure if I want him to win or not.

  • bhanu pratap

    it is brodus clay. kill the joy.

  • Dan

    Shane and Stephanie coming back

    • Nick I.

      Onthe chalk board it says he’s coming and then disappears so I think it’s only a guy?

  • Chris

    This reminds me of the undertaker promo when he came back as the American bad ass. Little creepy, swing / class room. The ” he coming” I think it’s the undertaker

  • Chris

    Do You Understand (What I'm Saying to You Right Now?)

  • Gary

    Theres a difference between cryptic with meaning and just plain stupid and these videos are just plain stupid and point to no one in particular.

    • Joe

      On a website w/ the cryptic videos one comment explained it perfectly. Chris Jericho ( the boy) is writing in his notebook creating his gimmick of best in the world. CM Punk (the girl) is constantly looking over his shoulder will he is writing thus getting ready to steal his gimmick. When Chris left WWE (when the boy is in the corner) CM Punk stole his gimmick but failed to perform it well (her throwing down the notebook) now Jericho is back for revenge.

  • Rick

    The new wwe moive 2012 new year


    DAMN Hell this ain’t Jericho Cuz him n wwe r over

  • Chris

    It’s the undertaker… Listen close. They speak of the powers that be! Only other person is Vince McMahon

  • RK

    I think it’s going to be Taker and Michelle McCool together

  • anthony

    Undertaker and Michelle McCool together would be interesting. It defiantly has a similar pattern to the American badass return promos. I was just thinking if it is a male return, could it be a female? I don't know how far she has gone through but could it be Kharma? I know it might be a bit to soon.

  • Sonic667

    Not steph and shane why wud they build for her after being on tv recently with the nash and hunter situation plus unless vince had serious illness i doubt shane wud return to oversee things not brodus clay why push for someone who was a side kick last time we saw him and mentioned repeatedly by the GM more likely to return at RR. Videos creepy to hedge bets and return taker. Truth of it say what you want about the vids its the first show of a new year a year that by all account is the year the earth will end and things as we know it the relivance of a new year and Y2J etc cant be over looked the bottom line wwe making vids creepy to cover a taker return while contract is secured for jericho

  • patrick

    i hope it isnt undertaker for sure…..he"s so washed up he really doesnt even deserve t.v. time……his "20th" win in a row at wrestlemania should be the freakin dark match lol

    • Don

      Ah..Your name explains it. Are you from sponge bob?

      • lukey

        Lol don you just made my day hahaha

  • leonardo

    it's Cena's heel turn

  • t0m

    @leanardo I agrree

  • dea3641

    @Sonic667 you ever hear of a period or a comma? It’s called basic knowledge of the English language. Put your time into learning how to write over wasting time with some lame wrestling angle.

    • lukey

      An angle you have evidently read about, and wasted your time to comment on.

  • James

    It obviously Mr. America.

  • findley

    “The fourth shall arrive… the powers that be will be shifted.”

    Its a guy and he is the forth of something… thats all I’m really getting out of it thats CONCRETE evidence.
    All this talk about people seeing anyone’s name when you zoom in on anything seems farfetched. Shit is impossible to see.

    In an earlier video, the boy said something along the lines of, “And when I beckon her (refering to the girl I suppose) I will regain my power.” In the videos the little girl seems to be bossing the boy around, throwing his homework on the floor like a little bitch and making him face the corner. So the girl is pulling the strings and gives the boy power, but she tells him, “I can’t help you anymore. Do you understand?” – To me the videos remind me of undertakers old promos when he came back as a biker; children in the videos, same quick flashy takes between scenes, ect. I feel like the girl represents his urn with his mothers ashes who gives him power but he can’t be helped by her anymore and is returning as the american bad ass.

    Fourth perhaps because hes gone from original taker to motorcycle taker back to original – and this is his forth coming?

    or fourth because his mother is the fourth member of his family?

  • LJC

    At the 0:45 second mark there is a maple leaf in the puddle beneath the swings. It's going to be Jericho folks.

  • Steve

    its not vince he came back and fired triple h from the gm of raw or whatever he was lol

  • Steve

    I wacthed the video again and pause at 0:27 there is a upside down J on the clock and the big hand is on a 2 Y2J?

  • Christian…

  • jews

    scotty 2 hottie is returning!!!!!!

  • Sean

    If u notice the tree’s are shaped like “y’s” when they pause on them

  • Bigbdawg

    You can hear the bell toll and takers music so clearly it’s taker

  • Kevin

    I will be totally shocked if this turns out to be the Undertaker. These promos just aren't dark enough for him. As for Brodus Clay, I suppose it could be him, but he's never really been on television as a regular, so the "coming back" part seems a bit odd for him. It could be Vince, but I believe he's too busy with his new network to be appearing on a regular basis on Raw. These vignettes fit Jericho to a T, but the WWE has been known in the past to change the game just as we in the universe finally comprehend the rules. So at this point, all I can say is tune in next Monday and find out. I know I will be, and that's the whole point of the promos, isn't it?

  • wwe insider

    Edge because she says to claim what is rightfully his whick is the world heavyweight championship or taker because of his 2000 promo with the same little girls voice,listen closely.

  • Van Hammer

    Sting or Matt Hardy!

  • Van Hammer

    Sting or Raven

  • Sook

    either Vince or Shane. this is isnt for a superstar

  • Richard M

    Between the 26th-28th second a clock appears when 1 closly examined the clock it was at 11.04 am/pm but if you have a good eye you will notice it was at 11.02.therefore there is a upside down J on the clock, the dial on the clockface is shaped as a Y and at first glimsp the clock was at 2. Am not joking around, so I feel it is now Jericho with Stephanie McMahon, remember Jericho first won he 'wwe undisputed champion' and he was parading around that the was the bast there is, best there was and the best there there ever will be. Will Stephanie screw CM Punk of the WWE championship next week…… who cares anyway its just a theory we will eventually find out who it is anyway next week ……..

  • Sebastian

    Brock Lesnar! ..haa, that would be so cool.

  • buc2484

    if you notice when, punk first comes out and holds the title up if u pause it right as the swing appears and its fuzzy the swing seat has a pic of the wwe title in the middle of it, also right when booker and cody are shown side by side walking before there match it goes fuzzy again and u see the title in the swing again, and the point where it looks like a stairs look down theres a window or door and u see a person walk by it but its quickk and its not a kid ii looked at whoever it is wallkking past 10000 times its imp to see i cant tell who it is and last thing every video at 1 point or another has been always shown during title matches and they all show the swing n belt inside the swing seat u gotta hit play pause repetadly ull see it,,, and i have every raw taped since it started and the vid has been shown during whenever wwe champ title is shown on show at some point, ic title , us tit

    • jay

      your right i loooked and did notice that thats interesting

  • Shawn

    OMG! When it says "Do you Understand?" Who do we know who said that??? Do you understand what I am saying to you right now! Its obviously jericho!!!

  • rio

    What if a diva is needed to signify “his return”. Layla is due back soon maybe that person will appear if she returns on raw, getting revenge on her for michelle if its the undertaker. Or if its a champ we have forgotten long about………..

  • herro

    its not undertaker if it was him he would return on smackdown not raw even if it is a supershow

  • hello

    its 3 minute warning but new people the usos

  • Sean

    Anybody know the status of Bautista.. Mayb with a manager..or any other past champions that haven’t been around for awhile..though I believe it’s Jericho but just trying to run down the list.. I expect taker back right around elim chamber.. I would say taker gets title shot or has title at wrestle mania keeps it the retire’s with the next night then we get a tournament with the chance to again unify the belts

  • Sean

    Which would fit into the I want what’s is mine lines from video’s Jericho wants the unified title back or wants to unify it again.. But didn’t Bautista lose belt to Cena the night before he retired.. Random thoughts

  • Mrmagoo

    Edge and lita? To claim what is rightfully his? Didn’t he make his world title vacant after retiring?!

  • jordan

    Brodus clay or kharma

  • Sean

    Kkarma will just b having the baby around jan.. So 60-90 maternity leave.. Expect at wrestle mania or slightly after..

  • Ricardo

    @jordon – – I feel that Brodus Clay is too low a profile for these 'cryptics' @Sean agreed Kharma is still going through her pregnancy 🙂 My thoughts are that its going to be someone big, maybe edge, batista, undertaker, chris jericho, hogan……… ohhh the list keeps going on and on lol

  • DatPiff

    Brodus Clay!? The Undertaker!? Vince and Steph!? Really People? ……Can You " Break The Code"? (Y)ear 2012-(2)nd Of The Month-(J)anuary. Y2J……….Code Broken

  • Joe

    Brock would be awesome but I believe it will be Jericho. Chris Jericho ( the boy) is writing in his notebook creating his gimmick of best in the world. CM Punk (the girl) is constantly looking over his shoulder will he is writing thus getting ready to steal his gimmick. When Chris left WWE (when the boy is in the corner) CM Punk stole his gimmick but failed to perform it well (her throwing down the notebook) now Jericho is back for revenge.

  • Joe

    Oh yea also someone took a picture of Jericho at the memphis airport this morning (where raw is taking place). If u don’t believe me go on FB and search 4 “WWE ZONE” fan page. The picture is up there. I hate shouting out a website cause I sound like spam but whatever.

  • Joe

    ALSO undertaker and michelle McCool were in that airport according to the person who took that picture