Watch The First Episode Of "WWE Inbox" Here

One of the official WWE YouTube channel's new features, WWE Inbox, has been launched. In this series, viewers can send in questions for Superstars via Twitter to @WWEInbox. The first episode is embedded below:

  • Frendo

    D-Bry has moved on from AJ already for meg Ryan….poor AJ

  • Fernando

    Non-Americans can watch it. Cool!

    • G Ilyas

      It's been a long time indeed

  • @RatedMKD

    Gripping stuff altogether… well, at least it's not blocked over here! Silver lining, eh?

  • WNW Fan

    Not bad. I like a candid out of character interview. Makes them seem more human to me.

  • I love Cody and maryse and the miz and the wwe Ashley and Maria and Melina and the big Daniel bryon is a big fat mean face the bIg show is sorry what he did to aj Daniel you think you all that Daniel but you not all that. Ok bye

  • Wwe

  • @ease9310

    I love the new WWE youtube channel.Vote up if you agree!!