Watch The Latest Edition Of Superstar Toyz Starring Hunico Here

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Embedded in the video below is Episode 6 of Superstar Toyz, starring Hunico, courtesy of the official WWE YouTube channel:

  • Russell

    Hunico is cool

  • Ryan.

    He seems like a very respectful & humble guy. I’m glad WWE actually showed this side of him. He has a much better chance of being “The Next Rey Mysterio for WWE” than Sin Cara has in my opinion, but either way I hope to see big things from him in WWE. Plus I think have & ideal rivaily written out for WWE. Think about this if you want, & let me know your thoughts please! Have the team of Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio Vs. Hunico & Comacho. Then it transtions into a Sin Cara Vs. Mysterio feud turning one of them heel. (I think Sin Cara would be a better the better heel than Mysterio in this situation.) Thus breaking up there team. They could even involve the titles. I think that could help revive the tag team division with a solid feud. It’s possible to pull it off brilliantly if they book it right & the talent doesn’t screw anything up. Thoughts?