Watch The Latest Episode Of "Are You Serious?" Here

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- Episode 5 of "Are You Serious?" with Road Dogg and Josh Mathews is embedded in the video below:

  • Ricky

    I gotta admit I like this show. It's WWE meets MST3k.

  • The most unrated star is slruey swaggerHe has the victory lap and moves like jagger.He was a sooner born and is sooner bred Why is the screaming eagle dead?He overcame the lisp in title run oneAll american, american, JR’s favorite sonHe is ready to go for title run twoBetter than the one who fist pumps woo.If you like this little rhyme I have penned tonightA copy of WWE12 would be so right.360 or Wii, I can play either way.Just no PS3 on the fancy blu-rayOkay I am out, my time here is done.I am trying to win for my 9 year old sonWhy read anymore, who has put in the time?My answer is the best, all filled with rhyme.