Watch The Latest Episode Of "Backstage Fallout" After Tonight's Smackdown Here

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The latest episode of "Backstage Fallout" following tonight's episode of Smackdown is embedded in the video below:

  • AJG316

    Tyson Kidd = underrated

  • The thing with all of this nostalgia is: how long is it suppesod to last? I had The Rock nostalgia like crazy around Wrestlemania time, but by the time the main event of the show came around I was tired of it. Now here we are 8 months later and The Rock is in the main event doing the same thing only this time he is in a match. I’m over it. Do something new. Yes, Cena should get pissed off and show that he actually cares, but The Rock needs to do the same thing. This isn’t The Rock teaming up with Mick Foley, it’s THE ROCK and JOHN CENA. The (2nd) best of then vs. the best (?) of now. Fucking act like it.