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  • The short answer (I hope): Negative cloud to gurnod lightning is connecting a negative charge near the storm’s base with a positive charge near the gurnod. Positive cloud to gurnod lightning is connecting a positive charge near the top of the storm (often in the anvil region) with a negative charge on the gurnod some distance from the main storm (can be up to 10 miles away from the storm’s core, or even further). Positive lightning accounts for approximately 10% of cloud-to-ground lightning strikes, and is often much stronger than its negative cousin, due to the distance between + and charges and build-up before discharge.Much of the positive CG lightning occurs north of a squall line in the area of rain that is occurring in middle and higher clouds, and in some cases these bolts can shoot way out away from the storm (in any direction), but often behind the storm after it has passed by. The cloud-to-cloud versions of positive bolts result in those very long-lasting rumbles that often occur after a storm has gone by.