Watch The Latest Episode Of Z! True Long Island Story With Zack Ryder Here

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Episode #58 of "Z! True Long Island Story" with Zack Ryder is embedded in the video below:

  • thatguy

    i don't get the whole zack asking to be on the team. You are an over Face and a "top" talent. you don't need to do the "begging" as you did to get a US title match. That am i'm not that much of a fan of this being done in Kayfabe

    • Razmos01

      Whats with this being posted as TNA news with Dolph Ziggler tags?

  • agaut

    Lol, loved the reference to Matt Hardy's video of his appartment from Trent Baretta

  • Hitman310

    the Big O part was funny

  • hurrigame

    Every day I'm muscling. As Kaientai would put it: INDEED!