Watch The Latest Episode Of Z! True Long Island Story With Zack Ryder Here

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Embedded in the video below is the latest episode of Z! True Long Island Story with Zack Ryder:

  • Howard Stern

    That's a big head shadow.

  • @RatedMKD

    I'm loving the new jokes featured briefly at the bottom of the screen. Needing to use the cane for support after his momentum was taken out from under him. Brilliant!

    • Frank Mir > Alistair Overeem. Just because Overeem came from PRIDE doesn’t mean hes all that good.. He’s not very mpiressive at all. He’s a decent striker but mediocre at everything else. His freakish physique is the only reason he’s even in the main event with Lesnar. I could almost say the same about Brock..I gained a little respect for Lesnar after overcoming the beatdown Carwin gave him

  • dave c

    LOL, did anybody notice the names on the tombstones, festus, domino and scotty goldman, thats 2 funny

    • For Hulk Hogan, It was the NWO gimmick chngae that revolutionized and gave a whole new type of energy to his character and personality. I think you can compare it in some ways to Bradshaw and transforming himself into JBL. I also think you can compare it to another all time great, Stone Cold Steve Austin. In the sense that Stone Cold was in a tag team and started off his career slowly transforming through a few gimmicks here and there but when it came down to it his true talent and ability came out when he simply did on thing and that’s be HIMSELF. Not to say JBL was some type of an asshole like his character you always got to put a heelish touch on it but for the most part he was just being himself more than ever and that’s when true talent comes out of a wrestler. I’m not going to disrespect the APA and all of what they did, that’s another great phase of John’s career that shouldn’t be forgotton but the simple matter a fact is all eyes were on him when they finally just gave him a chance to be himself and give this man a microphone. It amazes me how opportunity and confidence can chngae a man forever and that’s exactly what it did for JBL. Opportunity and when he gets that mic in his hands, confidence comes naturally. Just an amzing title reign and although his JBL character could of lasted longer, let’s all remember he had a 10 month reign in which I consider the greatest reign in the history of the WWE. The JBL title reign consisted of creativity and pure excitement that we have never really seen before, in terms of his promos and his natural ability to tell a storyline was just beyond amazing to me. You will never ever be forgotton in my eyes John Bradshaw Layfield & I wish him the best of luck in everything he does. Thank You.~ To the writer: Very nice interview & I look to check out your book on the WWE title..looks like it would be very interesting. A thing that would be awesome is a Bradshaw WWE dvd? Wouldn’t that be great hearing interviews from him from his beginning lifetime up until now? Also include his tag matches during APA, his title run matches, and his promos? That would be a great idea in my book but I don’t see it happening anytime soon. We can charish forever in what was the greatest reign in the history of WWE and what gave me a huge passion for wrestling in general.

    • Great interview! I need to watch some of her work. Is her book about the porn idunstry itself? Because if it covers 50 years, and she is only 59, then she would have been 9 when she started. I thought the finale of Tough Enough was okay, a bit hokey, but it is wrestling. Andy was so nervous, he’ll need to work a LOT on his mic skills and improv if he is going to make it. Jake is exactly right about Luke, he looked pissed and heartbroken at the same time that he got boos and very little cheering. He is NOT likable!! Good Chick of the Moment pick’s. I follow Adrianne Curry on Twitter (@AdrianneCurry) and she is very nerdilicious and gorgeous and sexy. Christopher Knight is a dick for losing her.