Watch The Latest Z! True Long Island Story With Zack Ryder Here

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Embedded in the video below is the latest episode of Z! True Long Island Story, featuring Zack Ryder:

  • mark3man

    Is the big o a wrestler anywhere?

  • Anjani

    WWE did a huge mistake injuring Zack Ryder two days before the royal rumble! They probabley lost a lot if fans. We were all hoping that Zack Ryder would wu. Tue Royal Rumble! Who else us supposed to win it? Kane? I hope not.

  • When I get rid of ziggler at the royal rumble I was planning on helping Zach win the rumble so he can face me at wrestlemania 28 because I think it would be awesome to face Ryder at the biggest event ever wish u a speedy recovery man woo woo woo you know it take care spike ur hair and if I get 100 comments on this I get to host z! True long island story until Ryder comes back peace out wwe universe

  • mikey

    wonder if dolph watches archer cause i recognise the background that has a tv rating

    • Heda

      he’s a huge fan of the show

  • michael

    ahaha both his feet touched the ground

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I love Ryder's Show. I admit I at first didn't care for Ryder's Gimmick when he appeared on WWE's ECW. He was a decent Wrestler I just didn't care for the gimmick and didn't watch his show in the begining ….but one day I checked it out and I've enjoyed it since then.