Watch The Latest Z! True Long Island Story With Zack Ryder Here

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Embedded in the video below is the latest episode of Z! True Long Island Story, featuring Zack Ryder:

  • Big D

    Looks like Morrison's back

    • On my twitter sdmebooy was going on and on about it, but when asked what it’s about he gives a snide remark.Anyway I don’t really care for British shows, not being racist but they just seem like over the top accents and really dry humor, but this one was up for a lot of emmys and I want to check it out.I’m a big fan of AMC’s Mad Men, does it compare to that in any way whatsoever?

  • Whammaster

    that spinebuster from the Big O had some impact.

  • Howard Stern

    What does this mean

    • Jo-Mo is back

      • Alex P

        Yeah, especially being that this appears on the WWE's channel now. You have to imagine Vince oversees everything that appears on it.

      • History is unfolding borefe our eyes as we approach WM28. In my opinion, it’s the biggest main event at Mania in my lifetime. And this was an exceptionally cool way to get the interesting back-story on how this match came to fruition, especially after years of skillful maneuvering by Vince McMahon to lure The Rock back for a feud with Shawn Michaels (something The Rock refused to do). Cena was a better fit regardless and I think this book does a good job of articulating why not to mention what rumored plans tentatively call for with regard to the event’s and the story line’s eventual resolution.

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