Watch The Latest Z! True Long Island Story With Zack Ryder Here

The latest episode of "Z! True Long Island Story" with Zack Ryder is embedded in the video below courtesy of the official WWE YouTube channel:

  • Dark Knight

    Zack Ryder wearing those kayfabe shirts was epic! LOL!

  • Bob

    Why does Zack have heat?

    • Lin

      so he can keep warm in the winter

      • Bob

        But its now spring time…

        • Jj

          Yep cuz he’s zack Ryder wwwyki

    • Maze

      Heres another insider word….its a Work

  • K o W Kings Forever

    Oh man, that was funny when he dissed The Rock. lol

    • Patrick_Peralta

      I agree that was funny . lol

  • Pizzaman

    In the background of ask the heel (awesome) u can Britney Spears womanizer

  • WrestlingLover

    I loved how he brought up WWE disabling people to comment on the video. And the way he dissed The Rock! 😀