Watch The Latest Z! True Long Island Story With Zack Ryder Here

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The latest episode of "Z! True Long Island Story" with Zack Ryder is embedded in the video below courtesy of the official WWE YouTube channel:

  • Dark Knight

    Zack Ryder wearing those kayfabe shirts was epic! LOL!

  • Bob

    Why does Zack have heat?

    • Lin

      so he can keep warm in the winter

      • Bob

        But its now spring time…

        • Jj

          Yep cuz he’s zack Ryder wwwyki

    • Maze

      Heres another insider word….its a Work

  • K o W Kings Forever

    Oh man, that was funny when he dissed The Rock. lol

    • Patrick_Peralta

      I agree that was funny . lol

  • Pizzaman

    In the background of ask the heel (awesome) u can Britney Spears womanizer

  • WrestlingLover

    I loved how he brought up WWE disabling people to comment on the video. And the way he dissed The Rock! 😀