Watch The Official Music Video For Zack Ryder's "Hoeski" Here

Zack Ryder has released the official music video for his song "Hoeski" on his YouTube channel. The video is embedded below:

  • The Breaker

    On the next episode of ‘In The Life Of A WWE Jobber’, JTG follows his dream of becoming a Vegas magician.

  • Lance Uppercut

    Car crash viewing

  • Terra Ryzing

    Is this a joke?

  • Kris Mystery

    LMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow… all i can say is Wow !!!!

  • WNW Fan

    Who’s the girl in the video? She’s hot

  • OMG Lmao. The only good thing in this video is where he was going to punch a guy for trying to put lipstick on him. Everyone was screaming for me to turn the volume down