Watch The Second Kane Return Trailer Here; Shawn Michaels Signs New Total Gym Endorsement

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- Embedded in the video below is the second official return trailer for Kane:

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Jake for sending this in.

- Wrestling News World reader Carl Dantes sent this in... Shawn Michaels' Total Gym Endorsement will be coming out with a new Total Gym DVD featuring him. Shawn Michaels has signed a new agreement deal w/ Total Gym for a workout DVD to come out very soon. All HBK fans be sure to follow Shawn on Twitter @ShawnMichaels_ & Total Gym @TotalGymDirect for updates on the upcoming workout DVD of him coming soon.

  • Patrick_OToole

    Kane vs Taker at WM! Yeah buddy…

  • Dufus

    I remember reading Kane wanted to wrestle with the mask again and I commented that like Rey Mysterio jr. being masked, unmesked, then masked again all without a backstory or reason then Kane can wear the mask again without a back story or reason. Just wear it. I hope he will wear the mask again. I liked him better without the mask. I bet that idiot McMahon was the one who made him remove the mask in the first place.

  • @RatedMKD

    Hmmm… I have my reservations about that video. It looks like someone just took the one that aired on RAW and slotted some footage of masked Kane around it. It says "OFFICIAL" in the title of the video, but I'm skeptical as to just how much of the content truly is official.

    • Brian

      I agree. I thought the same exact thing while watching it.

      • Alex Feuz

        Yes it made no sense

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  • Dave


  • Christen

    the video is fake it was fan made that one was posted on a imposter CM Punk's youtube account you can tell it is fan made because the beginning the quality is awful the official real trailer is on WWE's youtube page and there has only been 1