Watch The Top 10 "Unsuspecting Upsets" On The Latest "WWE Countdown"

The latest edition of WWE Countdown ranks the 10 biggest unsuspecting upsets. The list is compiled below:

10. Rey Mysterio b. Randy Orton & Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 22
9. Bo Dallas b. Wade Barrett on Raw
8. Maria Menounos, Kelly Kelly, Eve, & Alicia Fox b. Beth Phoenix, Natalya, & The Bella Twins at Tribute To The Troops
7. Rico b. Ric Flair on Raw
6. Maven b. The Undertaker on Raw to win the Hardcore Championship
5. The Hurricane b. The Rock on Raw
4. Duane Gill b. Christian on Raw to win the Light Heavyweight Championship
3. Mikey Whipwreck b. Steve Austin at November to Remember
2. 1-2-3 Kid b. Razor Ramon on Raw
1. Barry Horowitz b. Bodydonna Skip on WWF Action Zone

The video is embedded below:

  • Alex P

    Shelton Benjamin pinning Triple H on RAW way back when should’ve been on this list over the Bo Dallas/Wade Barrett match.

  • Mike Love

    Jeff Hardy beating Triple H for the IC Title way back when should be, too.

  • Mike Love

    Didn’t Zack Gowen beat Big Show? Or was it Brock Lesnar?

  • _JIM_

    Look how pudgy Waltman looks in that pic!

  • D Block

    What about when Santino beat Umaga for the IC title?! Def shoulda made the list

  • Jimmy

    Vladimir Kozlov beating Undertaker with a powerslam has to be in the top 5.