Watch The Trailer For "Bending The Rules" Starring Edge Here

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For those that missed it on last night's WWE Raw Supershow, embedded in the video below is the trailer for the new WWE Studios production, "Bending The Rules" starring Edge:

  • I love Edge but the trailer lastnight seemed to go on forever with no order; just random clips mashed together.

  • Howard Stern

    Holy cow, Edge really isn't too good of an actor.

  • Wwe wounder why studios is doing bad this explains all


    I think this will be a great movie that a lot of people would love to see,and it might even be the best WWE STUDIOS production.I LOVE YOU EDGE!!EDGE RULEZ!!EDGE RULEZ!!

    • Realest

      LOL I know you're not serious that trailer was so painful to watch I can't Imagine watching that whole movie

  • Darren

    Why does WWE keep putting out these horrible movies. Didn’t Vince learn from the XFL. Close up shop. I know he can’t be making a profit off these movies.