Watch The Trailer For "Bending The Rules" Starring Edge Here

For those that missed it on last night's WWE Raw Supershow, embedded in the video below is the trailer for the new WWE Studios production, "Bending The Rules" starring Edge:

  • I love Edge but the trailer lastnight seemed to go on forever with no order; just random clips mashed together.

  • Howard Stern

    Holy cow, Edge really isn't too good of an actor.

  • Wwe wounder why studios is doing bad this explains all


    I think this will be a great movie that a lot of people would love to see,and it might even be the best WWE STUDIOS production.I LOVE YOU EDGE!!EDGE RULEZ!!EDGE RULEZ!!

    • Realest

      LOL I know you're not serious that trailer was so painful to watch I can't Imagine watching that whole movie

  • Darren

    Why does WWE keep putting out these horrible movies. Didn’t Vince learn from the XFL. Close up shop. I know he can’t be making a profit off these movies.