Watch The Trailer To Steve Austin's Latest Movie Here

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Embedded in the video below is the trailer for "Recoil" starring "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. The flick is available on Blu-Ray on March 6th:

  • Dangerous Lee

    Movie of the year!

    • yeah I think Frank is right, but it all depends on Lesnar being hiesmlf. If he gets hit and gets out of it and lose tempo, I think he’s going to lose in a humiliate fashion. Who would have thought that Cain is going to take Brock down and keep on punching him the he did!!???Lets see how bad ass Brock is, and if he’s got character!

  • Ray

    Check out the Crowbar sound effects!
    1:02 thru 1:07
    LMFAO – Is Austin the Man of Steel

    • Glad to have you back Brandon, I actually eneyojd Kane’s promo. I didn’t love it, but I like how he cuts promos when he’s allowed to talk. Also, I enjoy his vocabulary because you don’t really expect the dude in a giant mask to have one. I’ll take Kane cutting a promo about Cena blowing over Abyss anything every day of the year.I will say I was actually shocked, when the gauntlet match was booked I assumed we were going to watch Punk crush rising midcard and a ME player in about 15 minuets because really how fucking paint by the numbers was Punk vs non wrestler . It’s that thing they like to do as shown with King/Cole going on for 46457342 years. So when Ziggler got the pinfall I was surprised and just happy and any chance to see that wild after match hair flowing through the hair as he sprints around with the title is just great.

  • Ricky Valdez

    Were did you learn to fight like that? From fighting lol.

  • Mike L

    Good ol’ American Action Flick. This will help me get ready Expendables II!

    • I guess you are forgetting that Brock fhuogt Shane Carwin and Cain Velazquez! I am not sure who is going to win this one, but Brock has to be cautious and not run into one of those knees if he bullrushes and isn’t careful! On the other hand, Overeem has to avoid getting hit by those lunchbox fist , like Couture and Mir called them! Muscles don’t mean chit in MMA. Go Brock!