Watch The Wyatt Family's Debut, More On The Faction & Kane Injury Angle

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WWE has posted video footage of The Wyatt Family's debut on Monday Night Raw and subsequent attack on Kane on their official YouTube channel. You can watch it at this link or embedded in the video below:

The Wyatt Family received high marks backstage for the debut despite some in the crowd chanting "Husky Harris." WWE's in the process of pushing the faction hard out of the gate and hope to setup a prominent match for the trio at SummerSlam.

As we noted here on, WWE did an injury angle with Kane following the attack on Raw. It's unknown if this was the company's way to write him out of the WWE Championship Money in the Bank ladder match on Sunday.

  • steve pritchard

    Brothers of destruction vs Wyatt family at summer slam bet on it.

  • amaanakter

    I hope it’s Brothers of Destruction v the Shield as there is more back story to this match. But I am loving the Wyatt Family!

  • BIG M

    If they write Kane out of the ladder match who will replace him any ideas folks.
    And don’t say Bray Wyatt too early too obvious.

  • GuyLandau

    Here’s a thought – The Shield has been around the block already. I think the fans will be able to accept them as Babyfaces. How about turning them for an epic, long feud with The Wyatt Family? Thoughts?

    • 1molly23

      Shaves and showers for all!

    • steve pritchard

      That would be awesome but I just don’t see it happening. The attack on Kane last night I think planted the seeds for Wyatt family vs brothers of destruction at summer slam. With Ambrose in the mitb match and highly favored to be the winner I think the shield gimmick will end if he wins or if Rollins and reigns loses . Either way I think the shield will be no more. And that really sux if that happens even though I’m loving what I’ve seen so far from Wyatt family!

  • steve pritchard

    I was thinking Kane and taker vs shield at first, but after the Wyatt family attack on Kane last night.i think Ambrose wins mitb and its the end of the shield. Wyatt’s vs taker and Kane just makes more sense to me at this point.

  • Cubed56

    The shield were the hottest thing in wwe less than a month ago, now Rollins and reigns are relegated to a pre-show match, Ambrose has no storyline with the us title, and won’t win MITB. Creative ruined the shield by having them damn near lose to cena when they had a 3 on 1 advantage and then start making them taking dq’s every week. It’s a matter of time before they ruin the Wyatt’s also. It’s a shame cause these two factions had the potential to completely change the landscape of the wwe.

  • -|AZ|-

    I can see the Wyatt family taking out another singles superstar, possibly Sheamus or Orton, setting up for a 3-on-3 (Taker, Kane +1 vs Wyatt Family)at SummerSlam…