Watch This Week's Cryptic Video From Raw Supershow

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Embedded in the video below is this week's cryptic video pointing towards the January 2, 2012 edition of Raw Supershow. The video is titled "Prophetless":

  • huz

    It's totally Rhyno

    • vmagic

      Who? Oh yeah, nobody cares about him, btw, it's Rhino.

  • Jason

    Yup, it's 100% Jericho. Remember last time when he was saying he "was the savior of the WWE?" This fits right into that area.

    • Dave

      Do you understand what I'm saying to you right now?

  • sean atkins

    maple leaf, im from winnipeg you idiot.

    • vmagic

      You're from Winnipeg, me too! I see your point, maple leaf is Canadian, prophet is like savior, plus the music is not eerie like Taker, it's gotta be Jericho now, he must have signed or be close to it as this seems different than the previous videos and the hints point to Jericho, not to mention the whole, I cannot help you now, like not a savior anymore.

  • keagan

    no, I do not understand

  • Trever

    God I wanna know who it is.

  • Mike L

    Its Bane, he’s gonna break Batman in July, but before that he’s gonna try and break the streak.

  • Sean

    Well 1 show to go till we find out.. Guess the boy can’t help us, it’s up to the girl to give us the final clue..hope we get another one next week before the 2 jan show

  • At this point, I don't have a sweet clue who it is. I don't even care to guess anymore.

  • Nick I.

    The music from :15 to :30 kinda sounds like the music from the break the code return video. and was a savior before… But cannot help us anymore… Do you understand .. What I’m saying to you right now… Definatly Jericho .. Or ryback.. Or taker who knows lol

  • josh

    i hope its jericho

  • christopher525

    Easily the most confusing of these promos to date.

  • Kris

    Put the video in full 1080P, go to 0:36 and full screen it. Can anyone recognize the word crossed off on the front of the notebook? Think it says Chris. Just saying 🙂

    • vivalajady

      your right

  • tim g

    if u slow down the video and look at the notebook the name says CHRIS and then its crossed off

    • Mike

      Yeah i saw that too

    • JimmyDfluffy

      The Notebook says Chris Scratched off than says Save us underneath in small lettering i blew it up on my computer thats awesome!! lol

  • Prprince

    I really want to know who it is. At one point I thought it was karma then jerico but I must say that it has to be someone we would never think of. Hey u never know it could even be HBK.

  • BigMike

    Jericho do u understand? was one of his taglines PLUS when he was Y2J it was all 01-01-01 now it 1-2-12

    • Brad

      When he debuted it was the middle of August in 1999, get your facts straight.

  • J.J.

    mccool and the undertaker

  • Iseethefuture..

    It's Bret Dibiase coming to reclaim the family name that Ted Jr. is dragging through the mud…..

  • Noah

    The notebook says Chris. It’s gotta be Jericho

  • Noah

    If its skip shieiffed I’m gonna be super pissed

  • dan

    It's Richard Gray

  • JimmyDfluffy

    Does anyone else listen to the music? if you put a faster beat to it is a slower version of Break the walls down and also the notebook says Chris Scratched off.. hmm total giveaway?

    • JimmyDfluffy

      also another huge clue Maple leaf disappearing and the Maple leafs is the Toronto Hockey Team.. Where he Jericho is from..

      • Jericoholic

        He’s from Winnipeg you idiot

  • Man

    Undertaker or chris… One of them. Get ready to get disepointed 2.jan 😛 We all knew it

  • Man

    We can hope for big dady V, boby, batista, brock or some one huge! 😛 but thats not gona happend

  • XRD89X

    Why can’t Jericho just return without all the videos and hype?

    • Kris B

      A returning Jericho with no hype makes for a boring Jericho. All of the cryptic videos that led up to a Jericho return were pretty sweet and kept everyone wondering

      • Tomas

        But what if he would do something new in his returns sometime? He's been doing this same bs every time he has returned…

  • *Beast-Mode*

    It has to be Jericho. The video’s have the boy standing like Jericho’s entrance on stage.

  • D.Nyte

    Brooklyn Brawler fo-life baby!!! Leeeeet’s Goooooooo!!!

  • herro

    its captain america to come bash up jack swagger

  • Patrick_OToole

    Stephanie and Shane McMahon.

  • hurricane1

    For some reason, if this isn't Jericho, I'm thinking Dean Ambrose.

  • memphishustler

    its Jericho coming back at raw 1/2/12 cause the video says "i cant protect you anymore" meaning he's not coming to save us like the last return

  • Kanewty

    Its R-Truth!!!!! hahaha but seriously, im thinking its Jericho(mainly for the reasons listed above this) and with the X below the scribbled name, im almost thinking that this person may go after Punk right off the hop(as he has the X on his wrists)…just my 2 cents

  • matt k

    I will honestly be mad if it's for Undertaker. WWE blew it last year by hyping…Undertaker rocks and is amazing but his returns are better when he just shows up, lights go off, gong hits, that's the best right there. I understand building hype to get viewership up, but it could easily be a let down.

  • JasonX

    Anyone else noticed that ball that appears in every video? Always disappearing and reapearing, and in last weeks video the girl is holding it right before the boy says something like ” she holds the key to my return ” dunno what it means but the little yellow ball has to mean something

    • Jericoholic

      Mankind,dude love,cactus jack, or just basic mick foleys tv return? Which one are you hinting at

  • Craig

    What about Christian?

  • Man

    Get so frustrated and angry if its undertaker or Chris 🙁

  • Ilyas

    I think it's Kelly Kelly,and the Undertaker,because it has kinda scary stuff in it,which Undertaker loves to scare people in WWE!

    • lukey

      Why Kelly Kelly

  • Blazeking

    It's Undertaker & Jericho reforming the Ministry of Darkness.

  • Sebastian

    Please be Brock Lesnar, jeez that would be insane if that happened, people would go nuts! Although if it's Chris Jericho I don't mind either, but just won't be as surprising that's all, seeing as everyone already expects it to be him.

    • lukey

      That’d be Brock is firm in UFC. Fighting to be number 1 contender

  • Kris B

    My 2 cents? I'm still gonna go with either Taker or Jericho, but if taker comes back, McCool comes back. The girl means something in the video, just like the ball means something. The problem with that is the fact that in WWE, the meaning of those could be the obvious or something no one would ever think of

  • Man

    Its Simon Dean!!!!!

  • squigee

    its the return of the shock master! we are all doomed!

  • Jeff

    Book says “Chris” problem solved. Jericho end of the video, will be at the Rumble he enters bottom 5. Boom there is a story

  • Eti

    Jericho and chyna

  • krum

    These videos are hyping a potential WM28 feud between CM Punk and Chris Jericho and here's why: In the video the little boy is representing Jericho and the little girl is representing Punk. Keep this in mind throughout my explanation. Notice, how the little boy continues to write in his notebook and the little girl keeps trying to look at what he is writing. Once the boy goes into the corner (Jericho's time off from WWE), The girl tries to do the work herself, but can't come up with anything. Keep in mind that she looked at the boy's notebook and this is implying that she has stolen the boy's work, which represents Jericho going to come back and claim that Punk is a fraud and has stolen his ideas and gimmick and what not. Also the ball in the video represents Jericho "dropping the ball" by leaving and Punk "taking the ball and running with it". The ball belonged to the boy and the girl took. At the end the girl is standing in the spotlight and the boy is in the dark with his head down indicating that we have forgotten about Jericho and that Punk is the new guy we all know and love. This will lead to WM match with Punk and Jericho. Look within the video not what the kid is saying.

  • Jason from Australia

    Okay, I believe that it will be jericho. It’s probably too early to risk undertaker getting injured between now and wrestlemania. . BUT , I have heard a rumor that it’s Jeff hardy. . Dunno where that rumor came from though. .

  • Riley

    Kudos to krum, totally agree. Then again, I would love to see someone completely unexpected to shock everyone!