Watch This Week's Cryptic Video That Appeared On Tonight’s Raw Supershow

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Embedded in the video below is the cryptic video that appeared on tonight’s Raw Supershow. The cryptic video is still promoting the January 2, 2012 edition of the show:

  • Joe

    Ok, so now it really involves the girl. Now this gets interesting to guess. At least it's a little different if it has something to do with the Taker than it was last year. It just makes it interesting to how we're suppose to figure it out

  • keagan

    great now i'm even more confused. Who in the heck is she!

  • HKO

    perhaps things will never EVERRRRRRR be the same again!

  • Matt Scott

    Ok, now I'm confused again.

  • Sandesh

    is it that Michelle McCool and The Undertaker are returning?

  • christopher525

    Still feeling an American Badass connection here, just seems a bit more interesting now. Very intriguing.

  • Jason from Australia

    Jericho and Chyna returning together ?

  • bkes216

    When was Kharma expected to be back?

  • hurrigame

    Save Us, Y2J!!!

  • Brett

    the she is michelle mccool

  • Kyle

    Stephanie and Jericho!

    • sportsman6100

      Exactly what I was thinking.

  • oddo

    i really think the video is for jericho, but even if it were for undertaker what connection can you make to it being him, he would have to have a new gimmick because thats really not that dark and scarey like a usual undertaker return video…

  • Shayne

    I am like u all here, I thought it was Taker then Y2J now I'm thinking Karma

  • As much as I hate to say it… I want it to be Shane McMahon now

    • Jason from Australia

      I agree. Shane can come back, take ‘control’ of the company, and kill pg13 forever

  • jamie

    it could be SML because of the evil smile that the girl gave in the video… im not quite sure if its jericho though.. because he did hit a snag with his contract.. I could be wrong.. although I could see the whole undertaker mccool thing but why promote him whil promoting kane.. I think promoting taker now is way too soon..

  • oof

    this is too creepy for jericho unless his third coming will be a totally new personna same goes for michelle

  • oof

    i twas tinking since batista and brock lesnar are in wwe12 that one of them would return because brock has been gone for a while and he hasn't been in a wwe game until know

  • Roscoe barron

    Batista surely? Jericho is never coming back

    • sean

      no way is it Batista too creepy for him too cool for him plus so long ass wwe is pg he is gone and good riddance

      • Roscoe barron

        Such bad terms that wwe included him on the wwe12 video game therefore paying him royalties?

  • Wardy

    Could the she be the world title?

    • DeezNutz

      That’s EXACTLY What I was thinking

  • eurosario

    Does anyone know the name of the cryptic video

  • Ricardo

    I would like it to be Michelle McCool, and Undertaker, but there has not been any storylines between them to connect this. They both (while at the WWE) had seperate storylines. Thats why am leaning towards a Jericho and China return 🙂

  • Sean

    Listen to it again .. It basically says that she will say who and when.. Heard a rumor that a clue on who will b on the 19th show.. So maybe the girl speaks in that promo..and to claim what is his.. So the title makes sense for Jericho and Bautista.. Have a feeling it is Jericho..but a Bautista return would b huge also..

  • Josh in MN

    IT'S MATT HARDY AND THE GIRL IS LITA!!!!!! hahahahahahahahaha. YEEEEEEAH RIIIIIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bull-ring-richy

    i think is gonna be Y2J and something to do with stephanie. it cant be chyna after her embarresing/terrable stint on tna the wwe would be stupid to bring her back. although there is talk about michelle mcCool and a new cantract i dont think there will be enough time to sort it out while jericho's contract is being finalised. it will not be bautista due to the fact that he left on bad turms due to him feeling that he was pushed out of the company aparrent… if they dont finalise jericho's contract in time it will be taker back sooner than planned and they will end up staiting that the *she* is the world title. and before wrestlemaina kane will have the title. you can gess what will happen then._That's what i think anyway from richard bull

  • Rocker#3

    It's Edge… and yes, the girl IS Lita, who appeared at the Smackdown taping

  • Roscoe barron

    Khama is an option surely

  • Omar

    It's y2j I just saw the encryption

  • God help us ALL

    The real return we ALL should be watching for is Jesus!!!!