Watch Vignettes For Adam Rose & Bo Dallas Here

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WWE began running vignettes for Adam Rose and Bo Dallas on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. You can check them out below:

Board The Exotic Express with Adam Rose

Are you a Bo-Liever?

  • sdunne87

    Bolieve is Bosh*t

  • Patrick

    They should have stuck with Leo Kruger’s old Gimmick from NXT… not a fan of this party gimmick he is doing.

  • Dave Barton

    Really? A lollipop?

    Leo Kruger > Adam Rose

  • vickie’s lover

    adam rose can interact with the fans more than leo kruger .. that’s why!

    • Dave Barton

      You make a good point. Plus, Kruger had that “creepy” vibe to him, and let’s face it…ain’t no way anyone can one-up Bray Wyatt on the “creepy” scale right now.