Watch Vince McMahon's Big Reveal: A Sneak Peek Of The WrestleMania 29 Set

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The "big reveal" that Vince McMahon teased on Twitter earlier this week turned out to be a sneak peek of the WrestleMania 29 set. Check out the video at this link or embedded below:

  • sujay

    this is absolutely stunning…. undoubtedly the best wrestlemania set ever…… but didnt they just loose a lot of seats behind the stage ????

    • coolkdd1

      I agree this is way better than any wm set I’ve seen though I must admit it looks like a bigger version of wm 20 set but better.

    • Nick

      I feel that every year but still 75-80,000+ can’t be bad!

  • Brandon Ceielo

    Still better than Dixie’s “big news”. All of them.

  • Kleck

    Vince just outdid himself as usual. Amazing set!

  • Blogger Man

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  • Wow is all i have to say!

  • Ken

    Looks absolutely amazing! Damn, I wish I was Coming Home… ’cause I live in Jersey.