Watch Wrestlemania XXVIII Press Conference Here - Live Streaming Video

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As we reported earlier today here at, WWE is holding a Wrestlemania XXVIII Press Conference today in Miami on YouTube. You can watch the press conference, now in progress, in the video embedded below:

  • wnwdotcom2

    I don't know who all is watching this but it's painful.

    • B.O.B.

      Why do you say that?

    • Aly


    • Russell

      Ricard why would you hurt me! I didn't watch the thing cause the music went on for 20 mins when I kept speeding it up to 20 min those two guys said "coming up in a few minutes" then I said forget it press conferences are stupid. JK (just kidding) Rich but that is the real story.I like your website but you are correct that was painful. But you should post an article on your Wrestlemania 28 predictions. Here are my winners team johnny,Kelly Kelly and maria,Chris jericho,Sheamus,Kane,Cody Rhodes,undertaker,and the rock.

    • Logan_Walker

      The WWE Stars & Employees where okay except for the bit when they were given iPhones and told to record the crowd that was just awful and the Rep For Miami :O Ouch

  • billy

    yea that was a very boring

  • Ronnie

    It probably would have been better if there were a lot of fans there to cheer the superstars. The music was louder than the people.

    • b2macjoe

      I wish they had it in New York like last year.

  • its good, this is pure entertainment, but risky to. its real fun watching WWE