Watch WWE's New Viral Marketing Video Here - "A Revolution Is Coming"

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For those that haven't seen WWE's new viral marketing video that states "A Revolution is Coming," you can watch it embedded below:

You can read more about the campaign at this link.

  • Andy

    this is why i like wwe, they know how to keep you interested and excited even when they make bad decisions

  • AJG316

    So who's returning/debuting this time????

  • christopher525

    Dean Ambrose…

    • Daniel Lim'ass

      If it's Dean Ambrose, then I won't miss Raw every Monday…

  • whitethought_

    The end of WWE PG and the return of TV-14!

    • The Man

      They don't need to go back to the attitude era. They need to get their shit togethor and actually book wrestlers properly. They are throwing away great feuds like Jericho and Punk. the fans are telling WWE what they want. wwe just isn't listening. Profit over quality is the capitalist way!

  • ol skewl fan

    Colt Cabanna…er I mean Big Daddy V

  • Razmos

    A.W's faction????

  • They've bought out TNA and are sending Teddy Long to run it as further punishment.

  • snaps

    Not gonna lie, I'm gonna laugh when it just ends up being another failed superstar debut. Probably a return.

  • Noah

    It's Batista

  • Streamz

    Sounds like they're talking about the WWE network.

  • chiquinho

    funaki is returning

  • Bob

    I instantly thought CM Punk with this…

    • Wyatt F

      Same here! Glad Im not alone.

  • Robert olley

    My guess is dean ambrose in a legend killer style gimmick

  • Brandon

    I saw a big X. It's surely X-Pac.

  • TakeshisSon

    I think they bring GOLDBERG back!

  • Steven

    It might be the cruiserweight devision coming back. Doesnt it look like the X-devision title symbol.