Watch Yesterday's Wrestlemania XXIX Announcement Here, Jody Kristofferson's WWE Name Revealed, More Additions To The FCW Roster

- Wrestling News world reader Logan Walker sent word WWE has posted footage of yesterday's Wrestlemania XXIX announcement in New Jersey on their official YouTube channel. You can watch it embedded in the video below:

- Wrestling News World reader Fernando sent this in... Besides Kassius Ohno (Chris Hero), Florida Championship Wrestling features some new talents on their official website. Below is the latest update:

  • Adam Mercer (Evan Singleton, from CZW Academy)
  • Aiden English (Matt Rehwoldt, a former actor from Chicago)
  • Garrett Dylan (Jody Kristofferson)
  • Sonny Elliot (Danny Bolton, from Australia)
  • Paige (Saraya-Jade Bevis, formerly known as Britani Knight and hailing from Norwich, England)
  • Scottyo614

    We want Braden Walker

  • havoc525

    Why not just keep the Kristofferson name? If you must change a name, do the first name, but keep the last. Also, anyone else find it funny that Haku’s son is playing a new version of Meng from WCW? Also, when did Samoan and Latino become the same?

  • Brandon Ceielo

    I just want Sara Del Rey and Melissa Anderson at this point. Love that Kings of Wrestling and Tyler Black are all in WWE (or going to be). Hopefully they keep KoW as a tag team, although they are still good in singles.

  • drhaase

    i find the tease of The Rock being there to be interesting if nothing else…Hall of Fame maybe???…Rock vs. Taker??? (if Taker can do it)

    • Chris

      The early plan, if they can get it worked out, is Undertaker vs Lesnar, otherwise, The Rock isn't going to happen. The only thing I can think of aside from a Lesnar would be Cena, since he's done everything else in his career but go after the streak.

  • PikaPal4ever

    this is probably a stupid question, but has anyone heard if reid flair will wrestle professionally at all?