WCW Announce Strategy Rehashed On Impact Wrestling

For those that missed this week's Impact Wrestling, the company rehashed something that was done in WCW by changing announce teams from hour one to hour two. The first hour was called by Jeremy Borash and Todd Keneley while the second hour was called by the regular announce team of Mike Tenay and Taz.

This is the brainchild of Eric Bischoff and one idea he has to keep viewers tuned in for both hours.

  • PainOfDemise

    People do not watch wrestling for the commentary. The commentary is a nice feature, but when watching wrestling I do not think "Man, I'm tired of listening to these guys are commentary, need some new ones".

    I'm pretty sure it won't hurt with the change like that, but I also bet it isn't going to help any way either.

    • Alex

      I think that's exactly what people say when it comes to listening to Micheal Cole on Raw. lol

  • _JIM_

    Not a good idea Bisch. I like Borash but not as an commentator. Give me Taz and Tenay for the 2 hours. What a slap to their faces.

  • Ricky

    Didn't WWE try that as well. Who knows it might work, I kinda wish WWE would do that now with old pros like JR, Cole and JBL (King when he comes back) and rookies like Byron and NXT announcers. That would help them get used to calling WWE matches.

  • Ellen

    Listening to Borash and whatever the other guy's name was was almost as bad as listening to Cole and/or ADR (can you imagine?) on announce – Give me Tenay and Taz anyday! Whatever is Bischoff up to – why not fix what REALLY doesn't work? I've got a good idea – Dixie/Panda , put your grown-up clothes on and do somethingthat actually benefits TNA and the many talents it has. What a novel idea.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    WCW's strategy rehashed, and down goes TNA just like WCW.

  • Kevin

    Bischoff is an IDIOT!!!!! Why in HELL is he still employed at TNA, let alone actually making decisions? Dixie Carter, I'm BEGGING you, please get rid of Bischoff.

  • Brian

    Tenay was great in WCW. He sounds completed

    Reherst 100% of the time. I thought when they went

    From tape to live he would change…nope

    God if we could only have Tony, Bobby

    & Dusty back…the good ol days.