We Are Now Hiring TNA Writers - Apply Now!

We are now hiring for our brand new sister site TNANews.com! We are seeking motivated individuals interested in posting opinion-based pieces completely related to TNA Wrestling. Before going over job qualifications, let me explain the position.

Writers hired will produce content on the TNANews.com Wire. Here, you can incorporate news with opinion or go all opinion but this will not be a place that will report news (like WNW). The site already carries news headlines, results and spoilers from here at WNW and the official Impact Wrestling website.

Alex Barie and I have already posted some material that you can read through to get a further idea of what we are looking for. In comparing it to something like we have here at WNW, it's similar to The Blog Spot but not based on show reviews. We're looking for pieces on particular wrestlers, angles, reactions to big news, etc. Basically a TNA version of what Bleacher Report does with all their material.

No prior writing experience is required but you have to be willing to submit at least two pieces per week and be able to provide quality content. This is a non-paying position, however, you will receive the following compensation for your work:

1) A free WNW Premium account
2) An opportunity to have your articles read by thousands including TNA talent

TNANews.com shares all of WNW's social media accounts and my article on Ivelisse Velez already drew a ReTweet.

If you are still interested, please send the following to Alex Barie (as he'll be fielding applications and doing the hiring) at arbwwe [at] yahoo.com:

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • When you are able & how often you watch Impact
  • A sample of your work

We aren't going to hire kids, so you need to be of age where you are mature enough to handle the position. I can't really put a number on that but we'll know it when we see the application. I usually say 16 or older but there have been exceptions.

You have to watch Impact on a regular basis. If you don't follow the storylines, how are you going to write on the product?

The sample is the most important part of your application. I don't expect you to hammer out a 1000 word essay but give us some paragraphs so we can evaluate your writing abilities and knowledge of the product. This isn't amateur hour and there is a certain level of quality we expect. You are probably familiar with this through already visiting our sites.

Again, please send the above material to Alex Barie at arbwwe [at] yahoo.com. I will do my best to field any questions anyone has in the comment area below. Serious applicants only and realize we are only looking for those that intend to write on a consistent basis.

  • lbp365

    U mean I can give my opinion and show ideas on TNA!!! Sign me up!!

  • Wow i’d love too. I will be getting my Pay TV on soon, but won’t be till the beginning of march. But otherwise i’ll be willing, Pro wrestling is my love, & can pull this off

  • B-Swagg

    What happened to Alex?

  • jdl

    I would apply, but I have a problem with someone else making money off my hard work without sending a cent my way.

    • It’s fun watching comments like this come across so everyone can see the level of ignorance we deal with. Head over to TNANews.com and count the ads (there are none so it won’t take you long). This isn’t about money. This is about being a part of something bigger.

      When I first got my start I used to stay up late Saturday nights, writing result recaps for WCW Worldwide and other “D level” programs. I didn’t get a free Premium account or even the rights to post the article on my own as I emailed it to the site’s webmaster. Monetary compensation was completely out of the question.

      How much do you think John Layfield pays me to contribute articles to his site? Nothing because it’s not about the money, it’s about the opportunity.

      WNW is how I make a living so obviously there is a business side to it but I don’t do what I do for money. I do what I do for my love for the business and my passion to bring readers a level of quality they can appreciate.

      • wrestlingfan4life

        I have been a wrestling fan for as long as I can remember, hence the monicker “wrestlingfan4life”. I remember a young Ted Dibiase, Sr. defeating Junk Yard Dog after “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, wearing a gorilla costume, hit Dog with a flying headbutt that knocked him out (thanks to a “loaded” mask Duggan was wearing under his gorilla mask). I also remember a huge feud between Dibiase, Sr. and Mr. Wrestling II, in which Mr. Wrestling was wearing a “loaded” orthopedic boot. He’d kick the toe on the mat 3 times, which brought the “steel plate” to the forefront of the boot, then kick Dibiase in the head with it. Wrestling would then tap the heel of the boot on the mat to move the “steel plate” back to the rear of the boot.
        I grew up watching the territory wrestling organizations like Mid South Wrestling and NWA. I miss the days of the competition between the WWF and WCW organizations. I sincerely long for the day that TNA can be a true threat to the WWE. I was excited when TNA moved Impact to Monday nights. I thought we were about to witness the reignition of the Monday Night Wars. Sadly, it was not meant to be. Perhaps some day we will see that again. I believe the purchase of WCW by WWE was the beginning of the downfall of WWE I do not believe they are nearly as good now as they were when there was serious competition.
        Look for my email soon. I am very much interested in writing for TNANews.com.

    • James Tee

      I write for Wrestlingnews.net, not for the money, but for the chance to share my views and opinions on an entertainment craft that I have grown to love and respect. I get given the chance to do something that most people never get the opportunity to do, and it helps that I did a writing and media degree at university, and hope to get into this field professionally in the future.
      I’m sure that many of the people we watch on TV in WWE,TNA and ROH started off on nothing, and I see no harm in people like me doing the same.
      It is simply for the love of the business.

  • Badboy

    ThiS is amazing opportunity for me to watch TNA again. I can actually have a place to showcase my talents and give my idea and thoughts on the programming . Amazing sign me up around march I need to start watching TNA again!

  • monty

    just emailed i hope i can get this, long time wrestling fan would love to work in the business even if its for free

  • PainOfDemise

    Richard, with all these sister sites coming up. It’s not going to take away anything from this site is it? You’re not going to start reporting less TNA news or anything like that now because of a full dedicated TNA sister site?

    • These sites enhance WNW, not detract from it. Check them out, you’ll see.

  • Benjamin

    Might go for it

  • Andrew

    Is there a template of sorts that you could provide just so I may see the kind of layout you’re looking for?

  • Elem Moham

    sorry is that any 1 no for turkish fight how can u start and i hav 2 many
    vedio .thanks