We Need Your Help - Disqus Or Facebook Comments?

A couple weeks ago we overhauled our commenting platform to allow the comments of users to instantaneously appear live on the website. Since then, we've actually seen the number of comments go down. While traffic has been at record highs this week, we've seen decreased reader participation.

Upon further investigation, it appears mobile users are having a hard time using the new system. To try and resolve this problem we have implemented a second commenting system powered by Facebook. The purpose of this post is to ask a simple question - Which commenting system do you prefer?

  • Disquss
  • Facebook
  • Both (We have the ability to display both)

Please respond below in the commenting platform you prefere below as we have included both in this post.

  • Both.

  • Jerihoar

    I say both. My Disqus is a good one, and for those who can’t use it they’ll have facebook.

  • I’d say both, as I am using disqus on my phone and am not having issues. I think the issue is that people don’t want to sign up for a service to comment, even if it is free.

  • This way if someone doesn’t have Facebook, they can still comment.

  • Patrick

    I like how the comments appear right a way instead of waiting for approval………as for Disqus it took me a few mintues to figure out I had to be signed on Disqus for the comment to appear ( Thanks for the info Richard )…but once i figured it out it’s been easy.

  • Patrick

    keep boh for those who want the different options.

  • Kris Mystery

    I actually prefer disqus… i probably wouldn’t use Facebook.

  • Winnipeg

    U can’t see what u r typing on the iPhone when using Dusqus

    • Seeing what you are typing on an iPhone is hard in general. Having both Facebook and Disqus is however the way to go in my opinion.

  • The only problem is that you can’t see what you are typing, however as soon as you hit done you can Any chance you can do Twitter? that’s the only reason I prefer Disquis

  • PainOfDemise

    I prefer disqus, I’ve been debating on getting rid of my Facebook, which I probably will.

  • jackkedx10

    I know i had a lot of trouble at first because i didn’t know about the system change but it didnt really take a long time to sign up with Disquss and now im good..

  • Adam “Swipe”

    Both, for convenience.

  • jackkedx10

    Keep both. i Dont have a Facebook and dont plan on getting one anytime soon..

  • While both would make sense, I really have not liked the change this past week. I know I always resist any changes to WNW, but I’ve really disliked the change in commenting. I vote for Facebook, but in all reality I guess both is the best idea for all.

    • I do agree that the changes Disqus has brought are a bit annoying. Mainly the ads at the bottom of the page, and it does take a bit longer for the page to load, but I do see this can be a positive for the instant comments. I just hope the faceless trolls don’t start coming out as is usual with disqus, as WNW is the only site that you can have a civil discussion on wrestling.

  • Michael

    I use disquss as I don’t have a Facebook account. I haven’t had any problems once I learned I had to sign up for it I’ve been posting more comments then I did before disquss was an option.

  • Dangerous Lee

    This is an easy one. BOTH!

  • The Breaker

    For me it has to be disquis since I’m not on Facebook. And for me, at least, the initial problems using mobile have cleared up. Also, having two separate comments sections is a bit clunky. If you could somehow combine them that would be the best. But I think you should definitely choose one, and for anyone like me who doesn’t use Facebook, please use Disquis. Not everyone is on Facebook, so if someone wants to comment they are probably more likely to sign up for disquis than to create a Facebook account just for that purpose.

  • This works way better. I’m fine with connecting with twitter to comment and I can actually post and expect to see it. Facebook is always a eh way to go with things. I’d say the old way but FOR some reason when i would try to comment it would be instantly deleted

  • Kenneth

    Ideally both, I’d say, since it’s possible. Why alienate?
    If you were to run both would all comments be displayed together or would there be one section for Disqus and a second for Farcefook? Would a Disqus user be able to reply to a Farcefook comment, and vice-versa? If that can be done then that’s how I’d want it done. I don’t know if that’s how it works though.
    If you had to choose only one then I’d go with Farcefook, reluctantly. As much as I dislike Farcefook it probably has the higher user base. Whether Farcefook users come here in the first place or not is another matter than whether they comment or not.

    Having to sign up for anything just to make a comment will drive people away in the short term, even if it is a simple process. People on the internet are quite lazy and time is an issue these days, and having to sign up for something takes time and effort. For the sake of a casual comment on a wrestling site even that short amount of either might not be worth it for some visitors, hence the lack of interaction this week. That’s not an insult, just an observation that I’m guilty of too. People will make the effort eventually, the lure to comment is too strong to resist, but that also takes time. Maybe too much. A week can be a long time.

    User-demographics-wise I’m not a Farcefook user (who’da guessed, right?) and have no desire to be. If this site goes Farcefook only I’ll still visit but I’ll not comment. That might not be such a bad thing though, eh? Something else to consider is that a lot of PC visitors, like myself, use ad-blocking software routinely. If you earn any percentage of your revenue from adverts placed directly into the site or seen through Disqus then I’ve never seen any. Sorry, but I find adverts intrusive, distracting, and annoying, just like email spam or chumps on the street with clipboards and leaflets. Likely a lot of other commenters don’t see them either. Since I also block Farcefook addons on my PC I don’t know how it compares but that’s likely something else to consider. If I’m not contributing to your site revenue then I’m not as important as someone who is, and I’m assuming that Farcefook users are more likely to contribute in that regard.

    There. Now I’ve taken a break from what I’m doing I’ll scoot off again.
    I know, I know…

    It serves my purposes to be long-winded though.

    • Gary Robert

      Stop referring to it as Farcebook, you fcukin clown, lol

      • Kenneth

        Make me.

        Nya na nah na nahh nahhhhhh.

        Even though I didn’t actually refer to it as Farcebook even once up there.

  • _JIM_

    I liked the old system, but if I have to pick I’m going with this one. Just for the simple reason that I’m anti-Facebook and don’t have, or do I ever plan on having, an account with them.

  • Chris

    I say both, although I am partial to disqus so far, seems pretty easy to me.

  • Gary Robert

    Both…since I’m not using my Facebook info to link with this site and not everyone *gasp* has Facebook.

  • Snap

    I’d personally say both would be the most ideal. I don’t use, nor do I have the intention to use, Facebook or any other form of social media.

  • Alex P

    I would keep both…being that the ability is there, give the people choices

  • Vince

    Disqus please, Facebook is just a fad and will die out soon enough.

  • i prefer facebook

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    sounds a bit like I missed a lot of things, but I’d prefer the previous “Comment” system more…

  • I logged into Disqus via my Facebook anyway so why would you need a separate Facebook comments section? There is nothing wrong with Disqus people just don’t like change.

  • Disqus only….. 🙂

  • Evon

    This new system sucks. I want the old one back.

  • sdf


  • Yeah but does this also post to facebook?

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  • Ali Benan

    I have the same question. So I post my first comment on Disqus.

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  • James

    I prefer WordPress

  • James

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  • Zorelha

    Gostei do post, mas prefiro o Disqus

    • flaviojr77

      Problema dos Disqus é que parece mais pesado que o Facebook, mas permite comentários anônimos

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