Weekend TNA Schedule - Shows In New York & Pennsylvania, Impact Wrestling Spoilers, Seeking Reports

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Below is this weekend's schedule for TNA Impact Wrestling:

  • Tonight from the First Arena in Elmira, New York (more info)
  • Saturday from the Kovalchick Convention Center and Athletic Complex in Indiana, Pennsylvania (more info)
  • Sunday from the Erie Civic Center - Tullio Arena in Erie, Pennsylvania (more info)

Next Week's TVs:

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  • Not at all. He does almost his whole aisrnal of moves all in one combination of moves every match. Other guys like Orton and Punk and guys like that have a lot of moves they can use to fill out a match. Cena gets beaten up for most of his matches and then all of the sudden the 5 moves of doom show up. all in a row. All executed exactly the same way. Nothing ever new. You’ve seen one Cena match you’ve almost seen them all unless theres weapons involved.