Weekly Rundown: Gearing Up Towards Hell in a Cell

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This blog reflects my subjective views and nothing more. If you disagree with me, feel free to voice your opinion in a civil manner in the comments section.

Hello and welcome to The Revamped Weekly Rundown, hosted by yours truly, Guy Landau. For those who do not know, this is a weekly feature on WrestlingNewsWorld.com where I gloss over the important happenings in the week in WWE as it pertains to the company’s present and future in RAW and NXT in the form of bulletins for the positive happenings (A.K.A "YES!", prefaced with + signs), the negative happenings (A.K.A "NO!", prefaced with – signs), and the ones I could not decide what they were, but felt they were important enough to comment on (prefaced with ? signs).

Now, without further ado, let's get started.


NXT (available for free on hulu.com for those in the US)

?    Since when is there a shirt that just says “Diva”?

+     Bo is a master at being annoying as all hell. Giving squirt guns to starving kids in Bolivia is so much hypocritical content in one sentence. Starving kids have no use for squirt guns, give them food! This is feeding one’s own ego, and of course the country’s name starts with “Bo”. Brilliant work by Bo here. Also – for those unfamiliar with Japanese, Konichiwa is hello, NOT goodbye. Don’t let yourself get Bofuddled.

+     Graves AGAINST Neville makes so much more sense than Graves teaming with Neville.

+     I’m all for Zayn being NXT’s Daniel Bryan.

+     I’m also all for the ridiculous stable of Sylvester Lufort ending and Rusev having a storyline more fitting his character.

+     Graves vs. Neville is a great example of a very simple story being told very well.


+     Big Show suing WWE for the money they owe him is a great way to keep the “iron clad” contract status intact. I do wish they would have mentioned “breach of contract” as part of the litigation. I’m positive the illogical nature of Big Show hijacking the show will be addressed. WWE has a plan, and I think I know what it is. It’s the same thing that caused Bryan to come out before Ambrose.

+     Bryan vs. Ambrose was a great match, capped off by a great finish.

?    Aha…. An Elvis Cobra. Right.

+     Orton vs. Ziggler was a great match. Can’t wait for these two to feud one day.

+     Brie is really improving. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s training with her husband-to-be.

+     Oh Heyman. You’re so awesome.

+     It’s good to actually get to see Rowan and Harper wrestle, as they’re both incredible performers.

+     Langston is a much more natural babyface than heel. I can’t wait for him to start 5 counts in WWE. It seemed to go over well in NXT.

-         It bothers me only a portion of the proceedings from pink merchandise goes to Susan G. Komen as opposed to all of them. The reason it bothers me is that WWE is essentially looking to make a profit off of cancer, which is wrong.

+     Goldust and Cody Rhodes’ theme is one of the better compilations I’ve heard. It’s right up there with Crank the Walls Down.

?    I actually forgot The Usos were #1 Contenders. On one hand, kudos to WWE for remembering it, on the other, shame on WWE for forgetting it in giving the Rhodes Bros a title match before them.

+     Cody and Goldust have great chemistry together.

+     Shield match. It was great. Business as usual.

-         While I understand The Usos were #1 Contenders, having them in HIAC doesn’t benefit anybody.

+     The ending promo, while it sounded a tad too scripted at times, was good. Big Show pulling an Austin was a nice change of pace.

That’s all for this week, don’t forget to come back next week for a brand new Weekly Rundown.

  • –aussiebarbie

    Konichiwa is actually Hello and Goodbye. Pretty sure you got Bofuddled.

    • Guy Landau

      I am fairly sure you are mistaken, to my knowledge:
      Ohio is good morning
      Konichiwa is good afternoon and spans the most hours of the day and so is most frequently used.
      Konbanwa is good evening.
      Sayonara is the only way to say goodbye, at all times of the day.

      I’ve looked at the internet just now to make sure that I wasn’t misled and that my knowledge of Japanese was not lacking in that regard and could not find a single source supporting your claim, and many supporting mine. Here’s an example: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070717174059AAV7moW

      You can read every single answer given – not one of them treats Konichiwa as goodbye. I make a point of not saying things without sufficient backing behind them. I am currently studying Japanese online and this was in one of the earliest lessons. I’m sorry if I’m coming off strong, but I take a lot of offense when my credibility is put into question, especially when it’s unwarranted.

  • Chris

    Watch the heyman rant and watch renee and ryback, now that’s some lack of participation in a segment, the only one showing any reaction to the brilliant madness of heyman was axel, ryback actually only turned on when it was his turn to speak.

    Pulling more tag teams into the shields spotlight can only better help the additional teams, give them a ladder and i would be beyond excited.

    The last segment just felt like a replay of what we have already seen, orton suffered the most for this, getting his little sound bite ‘I’m going to send you to hell!’ Just felt so very weak compared to some of the things Bryan has done leading up to this oh so predictable contract signing.