Weekly Rundown: Is 'Mania Only One Week of TVs Away?

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This blog reflects my subjective views and nothing more - It is by no means objective. If you disagree – which is encouraged – feel free to voice your opinion (in a civil manner) in the comments section. Let's get some healthy debates going. Also, I am always open to constructive criticism of the writing format, phrasing, etc. Feel free to do your own rundown via the comment section in the future (writing little notes as you watch the shows could be very engaging and fun – give it a try and tell us via the comment section what you wound up with)

Hello everyone and welcome back to the WrestlingNewsWorld.com Weekly Rundown. This is your feature where you can read my thoughts of the week that was in professional wrestling – most specifically WWE (as these will be a lot longer, and more negative if I wrote up… or at all watched Impact Wrestling). So without further ado, let's get to the action with the Constants:

+ Daniel Bryan, Drew McIntyre, CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus and Wade Barrett are the future of WWE – they are all total packages, both in the ring and on the mic.

+ WWE's video packages.

+ AJ, forever and always. This also leads nicely into:

- Matt "The Choice" Andrews. It's a shame, really. I could like Matt… If only he'd leave AJ alone.

- The way announcing currently is in the WWE. In fact, the only announcer I can stand right now is Josh Mathews.

- Aksana's cliché role that doesn't seem to be really going anywhere.

- "The Royal Rumble winner gets to main event Wrestlemania" is a fallacy, and has been this way for several years now. For the past 5 or so years the winner of the Rumble has NEVER actually main evented 'Mania.

- The way Divas are handled

And with that out of the way, let's get to this week's Posits!


+ Punk's opening promo was AMAZING! Spoken from the heart, that promo was everything it needed to be to keep this side of the feud classy, unlike what I feared would happen last week. Punk took his formerly heel straightedge gimmick into it's more instinctively face-fitting direction, and it (obviously) works. This feud is edgy – yes – but classy nonetheless.

+ Rhodes vs. Show is getting interesting and, more importantly, retains prestige the IC title has lost, and keepsRhodes' momentum going.

+Bryanvs. Ryder was short and to the point. Ryder got enough offense to keep from looking weak andBryanlooked very strong coming out of that match.

+ The announcing during Cena vs. Henry was great, and so was the psychology. Both made this "Cena overcoming the odds" moment different in my eyes from the usual ones.


+ Nice way to get Smackdown started with that promo by AJ that showed her dynamic withBryan. It did go a bit south when Sheamus came out, but not too much.

+ Nice quick opening match-up between Truth and Henry, and it goes to show that Henry is a spectacular wrestler who got the short end of the stick for far too many years.

+ Considering I thought Yokozuna was already a Hall of Famer, it's needless to say that I think his induction is long overdue.

Now - no more Mr. Nice Guy (Landau). It's time fore the Negs!


- While the end of an era promo was mesmerizing and grandiose, it lacked logic – big time. Why has Triple H gone from wanting to keep the Undertaker as a franchise to being willing to sacrifice everything he has in order to beat him?

- Look at the 12 men tag match at 'Mania – of the announced participants (and those we can expect to be announced) almost all belong in MITB. It's really such a shame the match was scrapped this year.

- Why are Beth and Eve facing Kelly and Maria at 'Mania?! A. Who cares? And B. Why isn't the title being defended. I'll happily take Natalya vs. Beth if Kharma isn't ready to return yet.

- There is only one week of build-up left, but I feel like not enough has been done up to this point.


- Team Teddy… SUCKS! He has a total of 1 former world champion in The Great Khali (who is still The Great Khali), while Team Laurinaitis has a total of 1 non-former World Champion (oddly enough captaining the team), and all the rest (assuming Del Rio is the final member of Team Laurinaitis and Mysterio is the final member of team Teddy) are former world champions. Even if Mysterio IS on Team Teddy, it's still not even close to being even.

- All I can say about the Bellas splitting up is that I really hope Nikki doesn't spell out Laurinaitis next week. Also, you're supposed to say "aN E", not "A E".

- Oh brother… Flo Rida at 'Mania? I have a rule of thumb against people who spell incorrectly on purpose. Not that I find any redeeming qualities to Flo Rida to let that slide.

- OK – isn't Ryder going to be able to just watch SmackDown and see Eve's smile? Or RAW last week to see her say as blatantly as possible that she's fooling him? This is why Telenovela doesn't work in WWE as a pseudo-realistic product.

- Putting Khali over Ziggler in any way whatsoever was beyond a travesty.

- Where was DREW?!

And all that's left is the Queschies:

? What was up with Rock holding his hand out as if reading notes in his promo… when he didn't have any notes?

?  Why did the crowd boo so loudly when AJ said she was (gasp) SPOONING withBryan? I mean, it's not like they all feel the pain Matt & I feel from it.

? I REALLY hope this whole Miz deal is going somewhere.

Lastly, I'd like to apologize for both the relative lateness of this as well as the shortness of this week's Rundown. I had my drama finals for the year this past week, which meant every day I was in school 'till 10 PM. So I only got to wrestling on Friday.

  • sforester

    Yo. Well done as always, Guy. I agree that there hasn't been enough build on the Raw side. Blame Rocky-Cena.

    I'd like to answer your Queschie about Rocky's faux note-reading: It was poking fun at Cena calling him out. And Hornswoggle had a good time poking fun at that with his apology by writing "I'm sorry" on his wrist.

  • RightFootRaver

    Just a note. Randy Orton was in the main event after winning the Rumble in 2009.

    • Guy Landau

      Right you are, and I think I actually made note of it in the original neg on the subject, and it somehow got lost in translation to the abridged version.

  • Ray

    ? What was up with Rock holding his hand out as if reading notes in his promo… when he didn’t have any notes? – LOL, I too wondered what the heck he was doing. I couldn't stop ribbing him for it.

  • Whammaster

    I agree with potential, but remove Drew, and add Kofi. Theirs still uncertainty with Drew, because of how long he hasnt been made a focal point.

    Aksana almost has 0 in ring skill, make her a manager if you want to keep her on tv at this point.

    The story behind the 12 man tag is interesting, and it allows workers to get on the card, my only complaint is that it should be a elimination style, similar to Bragging rights.

    The bellas are not going to split, they still look like they are going to be together, despite a disagreement, however it may be the start. They are to unique to split.

    With eve smiling, your suppose to remove reality from the show when watching it, assuming that you are watching stuff in real life without the ability to rewind your brain to see it again. So if you see her smile while her back is towards that person, your to assume he cant see that, and therefore will never know.

  • Bubba J

    Wwe sucks. If you don’t believe me, look at merchandise sales, TV Ratings and PPV Buyrates. Lets face it, the glory days of pro wrestling are over. Thumbs up if you agree that WWE sucks!

  • Joe O.

    What’s the point of the constants? You haven’t changed the writing of it since you put it out months ago. I agree on Team Teddy… It’s a decent midcard group, except for Khali who shouldn’t even be there, but they don’t stack up to the talent on Team Johnny. This is why I think there are way too many talented upper midcard wrestlers working as heels. There needs to be more balance. I also agree that this year’s “Road to Wrestlemania” has been lack luster.

    • Guy Landau

      The point of the constants is to not repeat myself, so unless there's a bold new one you can skip it. Otherwise I'd just repeat myself weekly. This way, the repeatedness is condensed to a single section, which you can just skip if you know what's on there.

  • Dark Knight

    Agree with all your negs!

    i dont understand the Flo Rida thing..! he's going to perform TWO songs, so does that mean, it'll take rock 8-10 minutes to come to the ring?! :S

    even i found the bella twins annoying, but i was glad to see that the divas match lasted more than 3 minutes (from the time their entrance music is played till the end) and that the divas did get some bit of mic time! looks like time's are changing! 🙂

    only thing about your posits,
    i felt bryan vs ryder was pointless.. i mean, do they both have a feud that i dont understand?

    • Guy Landau

      No, but I don't have a problem with Bryan vs. Ryder. Not every match needs to have a story behind it as far as I am concerned.

  • Mark Henry

    Somebody is gonna get they ass whipped!!


    Bubba j why did you click the link and go on this site u hater wwe sucks ur a loser what’s better impact wrestling. There’s nothing better maybe you watch ring ka king bullshit