Weekly Rundown: Second-To-Last Edition

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This blog reflects my subjective views and nothing more. If you disagree with me, feel free to voice your opinion in a civil manner in the comments section.

Hello and welcome to The Weekly Rundown hosted by yours truly, Guy Landau. This is a weekly feature on WrestlingNewsWorld.com where I gloss over the important happenings in the week in WWE & TNA as it pertains to the companies' respective major shows, in the form of bulletins for the positive happenings (A.K.A "YES!", prefaced with + signs), the negative happenings (A.K.A "NO!", prefaced with – signs), and the ones I could not decide what they were, but felt they were important enough to comment on (prefaced with ? signs).

Before we begin, I have an announcement. Next week will be the final Weekly Rundown for the foreseeable future. I am going to the army (which is mandatory here in Israel) to the Intelligence unit, which will take up a lot of my free time which is now being used to watch wrestling. I might be able to do a monthly PPV rundown, but not a weekly one that includes all 3 major shows.

Now, without further ado, let's get started.


No Surrender

-         Why was the opening segment so long? All it really achieved was announcing the World Heavyweight Championship match is a Last Man Standing match. Considering how jam packed these PPV-quality Impact Wrestling shows are, I figured TNA wouldn’t want to waste time.

+     Putting AJ vs. Aries as the opener was a great idea, this is a pairing made for an opening contest. It got the crowd going and it was a great match with some great sequences which told a good story.

+     Kudos to TNA for not going for the obvious finish and letting Roode go on to the finals of the BFG series, as they have had a heel (more specifically, Bully Ray) in that spot in the previous two years.

+     Manik against Jeff Hardy you say… Well, I am not opposed to that. I have been pulling for main event high flyers to be used in the X-Division for a long time, we’ll see where this Manik-Hardy match goes.

-         It’s kind of sad to see what has remained of the A&8s. Wes and Garrett, who were by far the least capable and manacing members of the group, along with Knux. That’s it.

+     I do have to say that the way Anderson’s turn on Bully  Ray has been built for the past few months has been well done. Even before he became VP, you could see how he took some subtle liberties in leading the others.

+     Anderson vs. Bully was a great story (towards the end, the beginning was just flat out brawling), with Anderson refusing to stay down. It was especially sold well by both Bully and Anderson.

-         Oh no… I was really hoping Chavo would slowly fizzle out of in-ring competition, he’s felt entitled since he came to TNA, he has long not put any effort into his work and I simply don’t want to see him on my screen anymore.

-         I don’t know what purpose E.G.O.’s involvement in the main event served, but the break in action, especially since it’s the final round, I felt cheapened the match as well as ruined its flow.

+     AJ has something to say to Dixie next week? Color me intrigued.


-         The use of the word business is getting overdone fast. I know it’s part of the gimmick, but even for a part of the gimmick it’s being shoved down our throats. The over-explanation of the storyline of Big Show being broke was also eye-rolling.

-         While The Shield’s beatdown was entertaining, it was redundant. We know Bryan is in the building, so why didn’t he come to the aid of Show?

-         Oh god… A dance competition? And Miz is Twerking? And Khali is on TV? The ONLY good thing about this segment was the teased reunion of Awesome Truth. I’m still worried that Miz may have stolen a bright pink jacket from an audience member. I’m also worried it might be for the better.

-         Unlike The Wyatt Family, Los Matadores aren’t an interesting enough gimmick to warrant so many weeks of hype.

-         Santino going over Sandow, Mr. MITB, who should ideally be kept looking strong.  I swear I am not NO!ing everything on purpose, it’s just that this Smackdown hasn’t been kind to me.

+     And of course Heyman comes in to save the day… And the broadcast. Heyman advocating a boycott is a great way to make sure people buy the PPV.

+     Del Rio vs. Rodriguez was astonishingly a great match, as great as a two minute match can be.

+     We got a great TV match in Ambrose vs. Ziggler, and apparently now the only title not on the line at NoC is the IC title, which I guess is somewhat acceptable. Besides, we got Shield 6-men action.

Night of Champions

+     The promise of no interference in the main event is good, it promises no horrid overbooking. I normally don’t like a PPV opening with such a long segment, but with Paul Heyman’s amazing work I will let it slide. Besides, it got Axel to defend his title, which is what I’ve advocated since Punk vs. Axel & Heyman was announced.

+     Great opener in Axel vs. Kofi. It also helps Axel not look weak when Punk plows him.

?    I would love to say that the Divas’ match was great, but although they received a lot of time, they didn’t quite capitalize. There were just too many moments of bad timing, and that awkward moment when the ref didn’t count Naomi’s shoulders down and Cole and JBL yelled at him to do so sure didn’t help.

+     RVD vs. ADR was a good match, and the Van Terminator afterwards was a nice touch.

?    God, I didn’t want it to be RyBack. I would rather it be Big E, but not RyBack.

+     The tag team titles match was great, and I loved the finish.

+     The main event was the only truly PPV quality match on the card in my eyes, and I expect Armstrong’s fast count to be addressed on RAW.


+     The fast-count was a great way to get Bryan over while not having him keep the title. Kudos to creative for coming up with some original ideas. It’s clear Triple H instructed Armstrong to make the fast count and then pin it on Bryan, and it’s brilliant.

+     And Orton yelling at Triple H in the back is also great and believable – he has a lot to be POed about and I was afraid WWE was just going to let it slide and not have him yell at Triple H. I also like how this emphasizes that this isn’t about advocating Randy Orton, but just preventing Bryan from being champion.

+     Ambrose vs. Ziggler was a great TV main event. And it was the opener.

+     Stephanie offering the job to either Cody or Goldust and having Dusty choose is great. It’s a clear power-rush, and it’s very well done. The segment dragged a bit, but the idea behind it was great.

-    The torturing of Big Show is the only part of this storyline I do not like, simply because it does not work historically.

+     I don’t know if it was intentional but there was something very deep that I saw in the Dusty Rhodes segment. Big Show showed in that segment that he is more moral than Dusty, as his choice can be paralleled with Dusty’s. Dusty had to do something he was uncomfortable with, choosing one of his sons, for the greater good – so that one of them would have a job (I would have picked Cody because it was his spot to begin with, thus avoiding choosing out of who I love the most, by the way). He refused, and so neither one got a job. Then Big Show was sent out, and he had to either knock Dusty out himself for the greater good of not having him destroyed by The Shield, or let The Shield do their bidding. Even though he was not comfortable with it, he chose the greater good by taking the bad feeling of having to knock Dusty out himself. That is something Dusty didn’t do when he had the chance, and that is the reason he was punished.

?    WWE isn’t even trying to make Sandow look legitimate right now. I don’t remember him winning a single match since winning the thing. That said, maybe for now that’s OK. They always have the tool to restart on him when the time is right, and there is absolutely no rush for him to cash in.

+     The Armstrong firing and Orton attacking Miz show the rippling effects of the new regime. I am absolutely loving WWE programming right now. The fact that the power-tripping Levesques made Randy Orton become so sickening is great.

-         I’m still very much against RyBack being the new Paul Heyman guy.

+     Kudos to all 6 men involved in the 6 men #1 Contenders match. It was a great match.

+     Reigns vs. Bryan was an awesome match. If anyone still thought The Shield has a weak link in Reigns, I hope this match changed your minds.

+     And wow what a way to end RAW. It was absolutely awesome.

That’s all for this week. Don't forget to come back next week for the final edition of the Weekly Rundown!

  • smark calloway

    how many times do i need to explain it to you people on here ..if all four shoulders are down but someones on top of someone else then it doesnt constitute a pinfall attempt. at wrestlemania 8 in the bret hart vs roddy piper match, both hitman and hot rod were both lying on the mat after a double clothesline knockdown ,but pipers head was on bret. bobby heenan ( on commentary ) said to gorilla monsoon ” why is the ref not counting ?pipers heads on the hitman ” and gino replied ” he cant brain , all four shoulders are on the mat “..it wasnt a botched spot ” bad booking ” or poor reffing in the diva match , as there was nothing technically wrong about the finish. when brie was laying on top of naomi after being slammed onto her, all four of their shoulders were on the mat !. in fact the commentators were the ones in the wrong as the ref was right not to count. if i was the agent assigned with thinking of the finish , one of the divas or even the ref i would be a bit peeved with the commentators and the dirtsheets for telling everyone it was a poorly booked or incompetent finish

    • Trist

      except all 4 were NOT on the mat. One diva was DIRECTLY ON TOP of the other.

      • smark calloway

        when brie was slammed on top of naomi and was laying on top of her all four shoulders were on the mat. go watch it back, you cant miss it.. im not making it up..the only time brie was laying on top of her without her shoulders on the ground was when natalya was putting them in place for the double sharpshooter . and it would have then ruined the moment a bit if the ref started to count whilst nattie was putting the sharpshooter on them

        • Lance Uppercutt

          No, Just re watched it and Brie has NOT got her shoulders on the matt.

          • Lance Uppercutt

            also don’t think I’ve seen any be pinned the way Brie was lying arms above head. Does that could as being pinned (regardless of the match) and nothing was pinning Brie down.

          • smark calloway

            i watched it again today too and if you cant see that bries shoulders are on the mat when shes lying ontop of naomi after being slammed on her , you are either blind , stupid or dont know what a shoulder is !…also i dont have any idea what you meant in your arms above head thing you were going on about. your sentence wasnt making sense

          • Lance Uppercutt

            the left shoulder is raised, she is on her elbow, the arm is raised look at the angle it can’t have been down, if the ref had checked he would have got his hand under and so not a pin….

            Sorry I missed out a word in the arm above head comment….
            But I figured out the answer to it

    • Guy Landau

      There have been enough instances in the past where that wasn’t inforced, where I didn’t know that was a rule. If that is still relevant then I take it back, but there were so many matches where all 4 shoulders were on the match and the refs counted that as a double pin.

      • smark calloway

        Normally when there has been a double pin scenario , it has been from a move like a German suplex and both men’s shoulders have been down but there have been two refs involved and each ref was doing a 3 count on either man and ” didnt see ” the others shoulders down also

    • Explain the double Pin from Cena/Punk at NOC last year where all 4 shoulders were down for a 3 count in Cena’s german Supplex?

      • smark calloway

        well this was just used for storyline progression and to keep both men looking strong. wwe are well known for changing rules or “forgetting things ” when it suits them. im not making up the both shoulders on the mat rule. as ive stated before, gorilla monsoon said it back in 1992 and he was in the business for 30-40 years and was a founding father of wwwf/wwf/wwe so i think he would know what he was talking about

        • Lance Uppercutt

          1. rules change, so might be different from 1992
          2. Monsoon might have been changing the rules to suit the situation in 1992.
          Let me get this right, you have based this rule from 1 time that Monsoon said it, but over the years examples have been shown this wasn’t the case and said rule JBL, The King and Bobby Heeman have never heard of it??

          • smark calloway

            well like ive said before wwe like to forget things or change things to suit them when needs be. but i stick by gorillas ruling ,because let me ask you this. the agent that was assigned to come up with the finish of the divas match would have been from the old school ( finley, malenko , etc ) and im guessing they would have known the rules because when they said to natalya about the double sharpshooter idea , why wouldnt they have her put brie bella onto naomi already laying ontop of her ready for the sharpshooter position instead of natalya having to then move her into it? it would of been much easier right ? .., but if bella was laying on top of naomi without her shoulders on the mat also then it would have been a pin, yes…..but heres the thing. by having her slammed on top of her first laying over her with both their shoulders on the mat, they could lay there for a while whilst natalya ” thought of ” the sharpshooter idea , conveyed that she was thinking it to the camera and then apply it without brie pinning naomi in the process…get it ?

          • Guy Landau

            Or there was just an oversight from the producers. That’s also plausible, that it actually was just human error.

          • smark calloway

            no but thats what i was trying to say.. it wasnt an error .it was the only way that brie could lay across naomi for a long time without it constituting a pinfall . i think the only error was not informing the commentators before hand and allowing them to mock the spot and the ref ( ” oh look at the dumb ref why is he not counting ” ) . and to be honest if they didnt mention it nobody would have noticed the ” pinfall ” and just thought it was a cool double sharpshooter spot ( which it was …i like to give the divas their due when they deserve it )

  • James Tee

    I’d just like to take this moment to say good luck to Guy. Your column has been superb, and I hope you’ll be back on WNW soon

    • Guy Landau

      Thanks. I hope to be back soon too.

  • Lance Uppercutt

    Relax…Later on Smackdown you seen the guy with the pink jacket wearing it.

    • Guy Landau