Weekly Rundown: Slammiversary Was Better Than Expected.

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Hello and welcome back to yet another edition of the Weekly Rundown hosted by yours truly, Guy Landau. This is a weekly feature on WrestlingNewsWorld.com where I gloss over the important happenings in WWE & TNA week as it pertains to the companies' respective major shows, in the form of bulletins for the positive happenings (under the "YES!" column, and prefaced with + signs), the negative happenings (under the "NO!" column, and prefaced with – signs), and the ones I could not decide what they were, but felt they were important enough to comment on (Under the "Maybe?" column, and prefaced with ? signs).

So without further ado, let's get started.





+ Tensai going to town on Sakamoto is really what the character needs. It keeps him away from the main event for a while and builds up his current gimmick. Maybe a storyline about his relationship with Sakamoto is exactly what Tensai needs to break away from the "Albert" chants.

+ Bryan was so funny he couldn't even hold it in himself. His humor, unlike most of the rest of the humor on RAW, was classy. "Once you go Bryan, there's no point in tryin'"?! that's gold! Also, him calling Punk a sellout has a lot of merit to it, and I think it rattled Punk into giving the response that he did, as it was not very Babyface of him. In fact, I thought they were turning Punk heel by saying that.

+ BRILLIANT booking of the fatal 4 way! Good idea getting rid of Khali early on (Bad idea to put him there in the first place). But if they had to get him in there to get rid of him, then great way to do so. Then, Christian and Swagger go at it, Swagger injures Christian who prevails and hits the Killswitch, and Dolph makes the cover! Then, we are down to an amazing TV match between Christian and Ziggler, with the absolutely right outcome. I like that the announcers cleared up that Christian's match withRhodeswould be postponed should he win.

+ Bryan's interaction with Mr. McMahon was the only McMahon segment I liked.

+ IT'S TIME! IT'S TIME! IT'S VADER TIME! Vader looked great, and what an ovation!

+ AJ was the absolute star of the tag match, which is saying something considering who the other 3 were.

+ Kane's "F this, you deal with her" tag to Bryan after AJ kissed him was priceless!

+ Cena's promo to end the show was great.


+ Ziggler/Bryan vs. Sheamus/Punk was good, but there was way too much talking leading up to it. The finish was the right one regardless of what the finish to the WHC match will be Sunday, as it makes it seem like Ziggler is at least capable of pinning Sheamus.

+ Big Show's promo was good, and it blurred the lines a bit in a positive way.

+ I noticed it since this feud started – Cole's character is more rounded when talking about Christian vs. Rhodes. He takes Christian's side far more often.

+ So either Cena gets fired or Laurinaitis gets fired after NWO? Interesting, especially since it was done in a realistic way.




- Wow, WWE really remembers their history to the T. They remember Zach Gowen being signed (apparently Johnny signed the wrong one-legged wrestler before him), they remember Mr. McMahon's head being shoved up Big Show's backside, they remembered Glamarella, and Kane's shenanigans from years past (this seemed to be a very nostalgic RAW in preparation to Raw 1000), and all of those happened years ago! What could they possibly be forgetting? Ah yes, that less than one year ago Mr. McMahon was relieved of his day to day duties.

- Seeing Layla reminded me that the divas (save AJ) haven't appeared on RAW for a couple of weeks now. I don't know what's worse – the fact that they haven't appeared or the fact that I didn't notice that fact.

- Santino should drop theUStitle, pronto. Either that or he should feud with serious competition… Not announcers.

- WOW, now THAT'S fresh. RyBack's opponents don't wait for him, he waits for them! And here I was, thinking he would face a legitimate tag team… Also, he fought a "P.S. Hayes"?

- Mr. McMahon's backstage skits were horrendous. When I spoke of Bryan's classy comedy, this is what I was referring to in contrast.

- Well, if WWE is in need of top talent, why not restart Miz's push?


- Please, PLEASE find RyBack better competition! Besides, RyBack saying "feed me three" is not the diversity I want to see in his matches.

- Sandow STILL fails to hook the leg when he performs Russian Leg Sweeps. The Elbow Drop of Disdain looked good, and he was more fluent with his Neckbreaker finisher, but the freakin' Leg Sweep gets me every time.

- The picture of Triple H used to promote his NWO address was REALLY creepy.

- This week 3 of 5 matches were squashes – Clay vs. Slater, Sandow vs. Kidd and RyBack vs. the duo of Ari Cohen & Mike Testa.



? Remember how WWE put the mask back on Kane to make him a monster again? Yeah, apparently finding him a love interest a la "Beauty & the Beast", AGAIN, is more important than that. Now, the reason this is a Maybe? And not a NO! is that this has the potential to be horrible, but it also has the potential to be compelling if focused more on Kane's inner conflict than his outer one with AJ. I doubt it will go there, but I am willing to give WWE the benefit of the doubt.




+ The opening video was really touching. Very well done on TNA's part.

+ WOW! What a turnout for Slammiversary! This has to be some sort of an attendance record for TNA (asDixiestated)!

+ Hogan reversed the weight limit on the X-Division! AND the opening contest is Aries vs. Joe! This PPV is off the hook, and it's not even 10 minutes in!

+ Joe vs. Aries was a classic ROH-style match. It was a bit messy, a bit all over the place, but overall it was logical and entertaining. Nowadays ROH misses out on the oh so important "logical" part of the equation, but I digress. Only illogical things about this match were the crucifix bomb (as a move it makes little sense, especially with such a size difference) and the Brainbuster finish, but I can let that slide. All in all, it was great for it's placement on the card (opener).

+ Hernandez got a "Si! Si! Si!" chant. In Booker's words – "You gotta love it!". Also, he seems to have returned as a face, which means no more MexicanAmerica(thank god).

+ I want to point out Robbie E's work. He is an amazing worker in all areas the fans can't see his work in. I'd just like to give him kudos because not many realize his brilliance.

+ Calling it now –Madison's crush is Earl Hebner. You heard it here first. He was the ref on this past week's Impact's TV title match, and he was again in Sunday's tag match.

+ Great way to bring back Storm. I was afraid they were going to waste Crimson's streak on an outsider (i.e. Christian or Goldberg), but luckily Storm is someone who could actually use the momentum. Crimson saying "I'll even fight one of your damn Cowboys" as foreshadowing makes more sense now.

+ While it was a bit too long for my liking, the Park/Ray match was good for what it was meant to be. By the way, I'm pretty sure it wasn't Abyss who chokeslammed Ray. It will be treated as such in storyline, but no way Chris was actually able to switch into the Abyss costume and back into the Joseph one so quickly.

+ Christian Cage is back, one night only! Great use for his one-time appearance, considering he's signed to another company.

+ The Tag Titles match was a good spotfest, and a spotfest was perhaps just what was needed before the main event to fire the crowd back up.

Impact Wrestling

+ Nice way to introduce the BFG series participants. A Couple of YES!s to come out of this match:

  • Magnus has improved leaps and bounds since I last saw him!
  • POPE. IS. PIMPING. Pope is back!
  • I like the participants in the gauntlet – Robbie E, Joe, Pope and Magnus are pleasant surprises. One has to wonder about Crimson,Devonand Morgan though.
  • I also like that the loser of Roode vs.Andersonis the final participant. Last year someone – don't remember who – was screwed out of BFG series contention because he already had a PPV match scheduled against Angle. May have been Sting.
  • If Storm faces Roode it will be poetic Justice. I hope Hardy isn't the one to win the BFG series.

+ Shroud of TNA – at the opening of hour #2 they run back all the happenings of hour #1 and telling whoever just tuned in that they have missed a hell of a show so far.

+ THANK GOD Tessmacher changed her finisher! Her previous one was absolutely horrendous.




- It seems as though the announcers didn't know about Kash vs. Hernandez until it happened. It was THAT unrelated to anything. Hell, from the amount of improvisation and miscalled spots in the ring they didn't seem to know about the match beforehand either.

- Nepotism is still very much a problem in TNA. Garrett is just too green for the amount of screen time he's receiving.

- I don't know what it is about the #1C match, but I just didn't like it. It was more a bunch of spots stringed together than a match, and that is something you wouldn't expect out of 3 veterans. Also, there was more or less zero communication between them for some reason, and it was a theme throughout the night with few exceptions. Too many times someone was breaking up the pin while someone else was kicking out, meaning he did not know the pin would be broken. The finish as well was just… blah.


- The main event was a bit underwhelming.

Impact Wrestling

-This is a preemptive NO! because we all know where this will go next week (and I will be very pleasantly surprised if it doesn't) What a way to devalue the X-Division title – Aries gives it up so easily just for a shot



? Sting as the firstHoFinductee… I'm split in the middle here, as my first pick would've either been Jarrett or AJ, however those two can be inducted in later years – how many more opportunities are you going to have to induct the Stinger?

? Not sure about Kim losing the title to Tessmacher. Haven't seen enough programming yet, but for what it's worth Tessmacher was completely carried by Kim in that match.

? I assume the Slammiversary venue didn't allow for fireworks in the building.

? While it was nice to see Impact Wrestling open with an Ultimate X match, some of the spots seemed way too orchestrated. Zema Ion is just too green to produce a solid X Division match that is also believable.

? The finish to Impact was weird... Didn't they do more or less the exact same thing 2 years ago with Joe (I realise it was different in that Joe was kidnapped, but nonetheless)? Didn't they promptly forget about Joe for 6 months and then bring him back without an explanation? Yeah... let's hope they know what they're doing this time around.


Weekly Comment Question:

Your question of the week is going to be: Do you think RAW going 3 hours weekly is a good idea or not? Why?

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  • ShadowMan

    Vader's return was great. Speaking of returns, where the heck is Professor Rick??!!! I cant find his articles any where.

  • Codyf87

    Smackdown had five matches forgot swagger vs Christian wasn’t a squash

    • Guy Landau

      oh right, thanks. I'll fix that right up.

  • fletch

    Good if wwe feature more talent off their roster and a few matches with decent time limit (15mins)

    Bad if its an extra hour of promos,skits, and squashes

  • _JIM_

    If Sandow hooked the leg on his russian leg-sweeps I don’t think that he would be able to roll through to a standing position like he does.

    I also thought Vader looked great until I noticed that he couldn’t bend either of his knees at all. If you watch his match again watch how awkward he gets up off of the mat. He looks like a baby trying to stand up because he used only his feet and his hands to get himself inot a standing position. So except for that he did look great and the crowd was into him in a big way, which was really great to see. Unfortunately I just don’t think that he has very much left in the tank after seeing how hard it was for him to stand up.

    Did anybody else notice the NWO ppv promotional poster that was on the wall in Big Johnny’s office? It was an old west theme with Punk tied to railroad tracks in fron of an oncoming train with AJ standing over him with that awesome “crazy face” look that she does now. I thought it was a pretty sweet promo poster. One of the better ones I’ve ever seen to be honest.

    I agree about the X-Division title. Aries has spent the last few months making it mean something again just to have it totally devalued in one segment. It used to remind me of the old ECW TV Championship that RVD held for so long. As it was at one point during that run right on par with their World Championship. TNA needs to take some notes on that and make the X-Division Championship mean something again. First step would be removing the weight limit so guys like Somoa Joe can challenge for it. His run with it a couple years ago was great and it could only help making it more interesting to people by involving the big names.

    My last comment has to do with Sting being the first inductee into TNA’s HOF. Was there ever even a question as to who it was going to be. You mentioned AJ and Double J, but honestly neither of them have ever drawn a dime. AJ’s skills are ridiculous and he has all the tools, but he just isn’t on Sting’s level when it comes to how important he has been to the wrestling business. As far as Double J goes the only thing he has going for him is that he and his Father founded the company. If that was enough Vince would be in his own HOF. Which weirdly enough I don’t think that he is….YET.

    • kbunyon

      Jim, go look online – either youtube or dot.com, but there's a whole commercial to go with that poster of DBD and AJ. It's very cute.


    • Guy Landau

      If Sandow can't roll through while hooking the leg, then he quite simply shouldn't roll through. You can't perform a Russian Leg Sweep without the Leg Sweep, pure and simple.

      And as for Sting – this isn't about his importance to the business, but rather his importance to TNA. Both Jarrett and AJ helped TNA much more than Sting, and he'll be the first man to tell you that. AJ draws for TNA more than Sting does, simply because he's active more.

      • _JIM_

        I’d have to disagree with the Sting thing. Of TNA’s HOF is anything like WWE’s HOF then it has a lot to do with his importance to the business. A perfect example of that just happened this past year when the Horsemen were inducted into WWE’s HOF when the group had never done anything for the WWE except for being their major competition. Yeah they all had short runs with WWE, but none of those runs were HOF worthy. They’ve inducted stars from other promotions all along. So TNA will probably do the same thing after the pickings start getting slim. Which won’t take very long if they are solely going to pick from their past and present roster. I’d argue Kurt Angle should go in ahead of AJ and Double J. Just for the simple fact that TNA wouldn’t even still be around if he didn’t sign when he did. Same reason Sting got the knod. He’s been their most recognizable star from the second he signed there.

  • A2H

    Ok. I watch wwe shows online, and i actually skipped rybacks match on smackdown. Theycreally need to get him an actual opponent!

    • kbunyon

      Sadly one of the guys Ryback ate this week was a semi-local Champ. The guy who didn't look like he's 12 is the NWA On Fire (up here in the northeast) Heavyweight Champ Brian Fury. He looks like a kind of petite Snitski, but is pretty decent in the ring.