Weekly Rundown: WrestleMania Aftermath

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Hello and welcome to The Weekly Rundown hosted by yours truly, Guy Landau. This is a weekly feature on WrestlingNewsWorld.com where I gloss over the important happenings in the week in WWE & TNA as it pertains to the companies' respective major shows... and NXT, in the form of bulletins for the positive happenings (under the "YES!" column, and prefaced with + signs), the negative happenings (under the "NO!" column, and prefaced with – signs), and the ones I could not decide what they were, but felt they were important enough to comment on (Under the "Maybe?" column, and prefaced with ? signs).

So without further ado, let's get started.




+ I didn’t think about this before, but Bray Wyatt is feuding with his brother, Bo Dallas. I guess they both did a great job standing out from their family relations, as I forgot they were brothers.

+ I liked the different announce team, and I liked Regal coming back after Ohno.

+ The divas are great in NXT. The material is there to have a great female division in WWE, WWE just has to want it.

Impact Wrestling

+ Adam Pearce is perhaps my single favorite indy wrestler today. I really hope he gets the contract. Magno was decent as well, but Pearce is really brilliant. The X-Division needs a boost, though, so I say sign both of them, like you did with Velez and Tapa.


+ The opening video about Sandy was really well done and appropriate.

+ The WM set was BEAUTIFUL. One of the best ones I’ve seen.

+ I want to YES! a sign in the audience I saw – it said “If Cena wins, we complain online”. Golden comedy right there.

+ It was absolutely the right call having The Shield go over. Furthermore, they went over clean.

+ WWE’s initiative with the special Olympics is heartwarming.

+ Well done, WWE! Well done on the 18 second finish tease to the Tag Team titles match, you got me!

+ The image of the entire crowd going “YES!” along with Bryan is a classic, and should be used in video packages for the man from now on.

+ As expected, Punk vs. Taker, while botched in places, stole the show.

+ As expected, Lesnar vs. HHH was a realistic brawl that was a treat to watch. Lesnar made these kind of matches his forte since returning.


+ Do I even need to say it? What a hot crowd! I’m not going to go into every great chant, as there were a lot of them. There is one exclusion to this, and I will make it in the NO!

+ And Cena played off of them beautifully in the opening segment. “How about a little heel turn” had me in stitches.

+ I have to say Barrett vs. Miz was a great match, other than the setbacks I will talk about in the NO!

+ Knock knock? Who’s there? Dolph Ziggler. Dolph Ziggler who? Dolph Ziggler, THE NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

+ Assassin’s Creedertaker! And better yet – The Shield against Taker and Hell No?! WOW!

+ Heyman was awesome in getting the fans disappointed twice.

+ RyBack turns, presumably. I know I’m interested in next week’s show.



- Banks was, by far, the weakest link of the divas tag match. She tagged in by tapping Audry Marie – her OPPONENT.

- Conor O’Brian got really the short end of the stick from his match with Big E. First, he was made to mock Big E which is counter-productive for his character. Second, he received a 5 count like your run-of-the-mill jobber. It was made abundantly clear he is nowhere near the level of Big E. That victory was too decisive for my liking.

Impact Wrestling

- The opening segment – didn’t we see that for about 5 times already?

- This is what became of Joey Ryan after the 6 month-long build to him entering the company?

- I’m sorry, but Chavo Guerrero behaves like God’s gift to mankind, mooching off of his family name after last being relevant in the turn of the century. OK, that isn’t fair, he was relevant back in ECW as well. He was last GOOD in the turn of the century. He has nothing to go on but his name, and that is never a good sign for any wrestler.

- Why was the signing this long? To make it logical that this stipulation is added to the contract? It could’ve been done in 1/3 of the time.

- There was a Bellator MMA promo at the bottom of the screen during Magno’s promo video, that covered half of the translation to what he was saying. Way to go in production, Spike.

- Listen back to Hogan talking to AJ. I don’t think there was a single coherent, complete sentence in that whole speech.

- Hey, remember that Devon is the TV Champion? Neither did I. But, you know, it makes sense from a booking perspective. The guy booking the shows wouldn’t want a guy from the evil faction that he hates, who stole the title, to defend it weekly as per the original decree of the title. Oh, wait…


- Snooki being face does nothing good for The Miz. She’s a hated person, but isn’t big enough to embrace it and appear as a heel.

- Is it just me or was Shield vs. Show, Sheamus and ShOrton (he’s a party pooper, that guy, what with his name not starting with Sh) a little on the short side? I expected a show stealer, but it never really got to go beyond 3rd gear.

- I can’t help but think that the ending to RyBack vs. Henry was botched, and badly so. I don’t think Henry was supposed to fall on top of RyBack like he did. I think RyBack was supposed to win, but got a concussion and didn’t kick out, so they returned to the original finish after the match.

- How many years has it been in a row now that the musical performance was the worst part of the show? As for “Coming Home”, the best part of it is the girl’s singing. I personally prefer George Watsky’s “4AM Monday” done over the same beat. Talk about a man with actual meaningful lyrics.

- You know the World Heavyweight title is on the wrong guy when the crowd is chanting, during saying WHC match, for a guy not even there in Ziggler – WHO DIDN’T CASH IN.

- Del Rio no-sold the ankle like a champ. Sorry, that sentence wasn’t complete. It meant to say Del Rio no-sold the ankle like a champ SHOULD NEVER DO. He kicked Swagger in the nape after at least 4 ankle locks and seemed unaffected by them.

- Is it just me or were the WWE Championship main event entrances the most half-Assed (meaning the past-tense of donkey) entrance to a main event match ever? I realize there were time constraints that also got Tons of Funk and Rhodes Scholars off the card, but still…


- Why is Booker making matches on RAW? I don’t mind it if it’s mentioned that Vickie let him, but it wasn’t. And HOW is he able to make matches overwriting Vickie Guerrero’s verdict?

- Did Bryan just get squashed by Big E?

- There was a major botch in Miz/Barrett that busted Barrett open, followed by very obvious calling by Miz and listening by Barrett. That was a bad moment for both men. Other than that there was way too much audible calling by Miz, much like in many Cena main events.

- Why have Miz win the title only to lose it again the next night? I highly doubt there will be a long-term payoff from this.

- What was the point of the 6 men tag? 3MB didn’t go over, and no one really benefitted from it.

- The crowd really got to Sheamus and Orton, but I have to say there came a point where they were just disrespectful. Wrestling in a small company I know when smarks come to have fun – I’ve been on the other side of people looking to get themselves over on my expense and it isn’t fun. They actually ruined a great TV match between Orton and Sheamus. I have to say that the “we are awesome” chant was sickening to me. The wave and Ole was cool, but then it just became disrespectful.


? The X-Division triple threat was everything I feared it’ll be. It was as much a spot fest as spot fests get. Though, the right man won it from what I can tell about Petey growing as a competitor in the ring, as he was by far the best wrestler both execution-wise and psychology-wise in this match. Besides, the X-Division title match that will come of this is between 2 very capable wrestlers, and the champion whom I am becoming increasingly doubtful of his value as a wrestler.

? The swerve in the end of Impact was an unexpected one, I suppose, but that’s because it was an unnecessary one. It swerved us, but it really didn’t accomplish anything.

? Cena vs. Rock, Rock vs. Cena… What can I say? Well, on one hand, it sucked. Plain and simple. It relied far too much on finisher kickouts that it became aware of itself eventually on that point. For that matter it stopped making sense for them to go for finishers as they are clearly ineffective, making the final AA just a stupid finish. On the other hand, it did, in the final 5 minutes, keep the viewer on the edge of their seats with some clever false finishes. For matches like these the main event guys need moves like the Burning Hammer is used by Kenta Kobashi in Japan – an uber-finisher of sorts, when your regular schtick just isn’t enough.

Weekly Comment Question:

Your question of the week is: What did you think of Cena vs. Rock II?

A second question this week: Do you think the crowd went too far in Sheamus vs. Orton?

Leave your answer in the comments section below, and don't forget to come back next week for a new edition of the Weekly Rundown!

  • Henry v ryback finish was awful and so anti climax it was unreal but I have nt compared it to n e other mania because I sat with my buddys and had a great night . All you can ask for

  • Clearly the crowd was disrespectful towards Orton and Sheamus. I don’t know if the crowd was sending a message to Orton or Sheamus or both but they’re the paying audience and they have a right to let the WWE know when they’re bored by what’s going on in the ring.

    To me, it was dumb to continue the match for that long under those conditions. Production should have shown them mercy and had them go to the ending a lot faster.

    Things got crazy after Ziggler cashed in. Then they teased Undertaker and Team Hell No vs. The Shield. What was going to be able to follow that? The crowd checked out after that and decided they were going to amuse themselves and for one night it was awesome. I sure hope singing Fandango’s theme doesn’t become a thing like “What?!” did where they’re still doing it 10 years later at the drop of a hat.

  • karlos

    I think rock and cena had old school Austin rock feel to it and I loved the match. the counters false finishes tie in to their match last year. of course the iwc won’t like that match it doesn’t have Daniel Bryan or cm punk in it. I hope the iwc realisesthat if Austin returns and goes against punk that it won’t be your roh style of match. I wonder of you will bury that match too. but everyone is entitled to their opinion

    • GuyLandau

      Wow, clearly you don’t know me at all. I like how you assume so much about what type of match I like. FYI – I despise psychology-less ROH matches. I am not part of the IWC, I am actually a trained wrestler with several years of in-ring experience. The match from about 15 minutes in became less a match more just countless finisher after finisher to the point where, because of the kickouts, the moves meant nothing anymore. This match was not good not because of who was in it or the style wrestled – If I am known for anything (and not liked for it either) is for what a big Cena fan I am. Go read some of my other Rundowns before jumping to conclusions about me please.

      I liked the first 15 minutes of Cena/Rock II, they worked a good slow pace. But then they jumped straight to 5th gear from 2nd or 3rd and just hit finisher after finisher on each other. I like matches to have no more than one finisher kickout for each man at the most – like both Taker/Michaels matches, Taker/Punk this year, Show/Sheamus this past year, etc. I didn’t like Cena vs. Punk from NoC for that very reason, the finishers became redundant. At least there, though, Cena tried hitting a supermove (top rope german suplex) to put Punk away, here it just ended with an FU to the crowd – meaning AA to The Rock.after the previous 5 AAs didn’t work.at all. I like the work of both men, but working a finisher kickouts match where the false finishes because of it were very predictable. There were only two times I didn’t know whether the other guy was going to kick out (the good false finishes I mentioned), for the rest of the match I knew though, and that’s not boding well for the match.

      In fact, being the big Cena fan that I am, I had every incentive to like the match and explain why it was good to the readership to, as usual, try to convince them that Cena is a good wrestler, despite what the run-of-the-mill ignorant IWC “smart on the business” fans think. But I was just being honest. That match wasn’t good. Even tying back to last year, it could have still been done better. Cena’s People’s Elbow tease was good and that was one of the false finishes I did like. Still, most of the match was predictable at one hand yet made no freakin’ sense in the other.

      • Wu’teh

        Well said. On a side note, I’ve been looking forward to this edition of the rundown since I watched RAW. Top work as always.

  • Lrgetrout9

    The crowd turned disrespectful during the Orton/Sheamus match in large part because of the booking. First they offer a rushed (faked?) Twitter vote, and then they decide, f*** it, let’s just do the two of them against each other instead? I will agree that they dragged it out far too long … once the off topic chants start, just go to a quick finish, and throw up a video or something to cover the 10 minutes you just lost.

  • RockTheMullet

    That “If Cena Wins, We Complain Online” sign was mine, so I gladly accept your “YES!” haha