This Week's Impact Wrestling Fails To Crack Top 100 Cable Shows Ranked By Adults 18-49

This week's episode of Impact Wrestling did not crack the top 100 cable shows ranked by adults 18-49. This doesn't necessarily mean the show's audience bombed but it's not exactly a good sign either. The number is delayed as a result but you can take a look at how the competition stacked up at this link.

  • josh


  • Sad Panda

    I really want TNA to live strong and be a force…. but I’m starting to walk away, watching less shows, sometimes only 1 or two shows a month now…terrible storylines, not using the girls like they did just a year or so ago, (due to letting so many of them go) and that aces and duds crap, hulk hogan failure to ignite a fire, losing good members, releasing good members of the wrestling team, no proper tag teams, titles to whoever was the flavour of the month that month, introducing that gut check crap, said the company was about wrestling and now they talk too much about nothing… sigh… sorry, but I really got into TNA about 2 or just shy of 3 yrs ago, and I miss all the great talent and better stories they had then… but…. well sorry…lol… (don’t flame me too hard)… I still watch the show hoping to see the turnaround…

    • dean

      Enjoy tna for being an alternative option in an industry which is DOMINATED by wwe for the foreseeable future.
      pro wrestling is not big enough anymore to sustain 2 national companies. the audience which watches pro wrestling has changed dramatically ever since wcw folded in 2001.
      many fans moved onto mma and wwe is targeting casual fans and families so tna and roh are left with wwe’s scraps and bread crumbs.