WWE Wellness Testing Top Talent, Where’s Petey Williams?, Vince/Cena Backstage Blowout, Edge Working Again

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With recent pictures of The Rock hitting the web showing him with increased muscle mass for his new body building movie, is it possible he is using steroids? And if so, is there an exception in WWE for him since he is just a part timer? His increase in mass just doesn't seem natural.

I don't want to speculate who is on the gas and who isn't on the gas, we can all look at someone's body and make an educated guess but I don't feel comfortable going on record with a harsh accusation. As for Wellness testing and part-time talent, does anyone believe that WWE is going to pull The Rock, Brock Lesnar or John Cena from Wrestlemania? Take a look at the WWE Suspensions page and tell me of a situation where major plans (aside from Jeff Hardy, which is an entirely different situation) were blown up because of a Wellness failure. I hate to be a pessimist but the WWE Wellness Policy is nothing more than a public relations initiative and while the locker room has cleaned up considerably, the testing/failures in WWE appear to be very calculated.

Plain and simple: where's Petey Williams?

Petey Williams has bounced around the independent circuit since his TNA release in 2009. He had a stint with Lucha Libre USA and has worked random independent dates. The last match on record I have for Williams is a successful CLASH Heavyweight Championship defense against Blue Ranger on October 20, 2012. You can read results at this link.

Will John Cena's backstage blowout with Vince McMahon spark major changes to the product?

Aside from the "affair" angle with AJ Lee, I don't see many repercussions from the backstage spat between John Cena and Vince McMahon. The argument was over time off and when Cena would come back. It turned out Cena wasn't able to work Hell in a Cell but he'll be back in the main event at Survivor Series on Sunday. John is still "the guy" although this was one of the more public blowouts I can remember.

With Edge having successful neck surgery, is there a chance we may see him in a WWE ring again?

While Edge has been known to say one thing and do another, it's pretty safe to say his days in the ring are over. Edge's neck is a mess and one bad bump could severely injure him and destroy his quality of life.

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  • eddie27

    Anyone who follows The Rock on Twitter knows that he is a workout freak. I don’t understand why people have to be so negative all the time and can’t just give people credit for what they do.

    • Hoops

      no doubt…He posts on Facebook all the time as well.

    • Andrew Ace

      People on steroids are workout freaks too

      • Exactly. Steroids allow you to train harder and allows your body to heal faster. So in other words, if you’re on roids, you kinda have to workout on a frequent basis. Im not against steroids. I don’t see it as cheating if you’re a pro athlete who’s already on the top of your game. People who train on roids usually train harder than people who train naturally, so I’m not taking any credit away from his hard work, but to say the Rock is all natural is rediculous.

        • Cheddar

          Thank you for being smart. Its obvious he doesn't look like he did during his first run, and he's over 10 years older than that now. But, he's going to be good without the juice, so who really cares? Whatever he wants to put into his body is his decision, not mine.

        • Jonno

          You're an idiot, the lasting affects on the body after taking steroids is really very dangerous!

          • Really? Give me some examples of "lasting effects".

          • Mike

            Chris Benoit

          • Chris Benoit is a person, not a "lasting effect". Nice try though.

        • GODSENT83

          Know what else allows to hit the gym hard??? Not being on the road 300 days a year

      • john

        i work out every day for at least 4 hours a day and im not a steroid "freak". In a span of 2 months i went from 170 pounds to 237 pounds because of JUST muscle weight. So rapid size isnt anything to strictly say ya or na on steroid usage. My buddy juices and were the same size and im not juicing in the slightest.

        • Rob

          All about good genes my friend 🙂 My family possesses the same traits. Actually we are not usually as big as you are (besides my younger brother) But we have no problems at all with strength. At 175 I can easily bench over 400 pounds, my cousin is a little heavier at about 180 (hes about 10 years older than I am) and he can easily do more than 500 pounds. So I understand what you are saying about it not meaning that someone is on steroids because of any type of gains, where the rock differs is, come on, the guy needed surgery for his man boobs, but now that he's old he can get all big and ripped? For me it's equivalent to MR. Mcmahon, he was always the average Joe, got old and got buff….Because of steroids, not doubt.

    • Don

      Workout freak or not, even when he was a full time wrestler he was NEVER that big, more importantly he was never that ripped. I bet my life on it that he is on steroids, no doubt on my mind. No one ever goes from being a young sort of flabby guy (in his prime) to being a bigger more ripped up older man, it's not possible. Of course he's on steroids, its obvious.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Aside from Ryback, I don't think The Rock is on the gas. I know when I see one. Rocky is a gym machine! And everybody should be with me on this.

    • teamUsUcK

      Someone probably was.. until you u opened your mouth about ryback.. U got proof ryback is juicin.. didnt think.. u just cancel ur subscription

  • Hollywood

    I wish people would stop asking if Edge will return. Yes, he was a great star and Yes, his in-ring career was cut short, but its not worth the man severly injuring himself or even killing himself. We could have seen a better question asked in its place as we all knew the answer before Richard responded.

  • Really Richard?!

    Geez Richard, if you don't want to speculate than don't speculate. I've never known you to be a manipulator, but when you say you don't want to speculate and then you turnaround and show a picture of The Rock flexing his muscles with his shirt off and say we can all look at someone's body and make an educated guess, then speculating is exactly what you are doing.

    Not cool. And too insult the intelligence of your readers is even less cool. If you can't or won't officially say someone using steroids or performance enhancers, lets not use manipulation nor propaganda to convey the assumption.

    • Richard Gray

      The reader asked about The Rock, I was showing the photo for reference. Talk about reading too much into something

      • paulw3000

        You can’t win Richard, you speculate and end up in deep water, you don’t speculate and people say your speculating anyway!!!

        Maybe have to avoid direct questions like this in future, if somebody puts something about a about a particular performer, just put a general question up, e.g. Does the WWE wellness test part time workers??? That will stop trolls like this guy trying to catch you out 🙂

      • teamUsUcK

        Way to deflect richard.. u would make a great politician

      • Connecting Dots!

        I'm not an English Major, but I'm pretty sure you only reference something to justify or provide evidence to support a point of view or a claim. What was your point in referencing this photo again?!

    • Mad Dawg

      I don't know if everyone else is reading the same "Ask WNW" as I am, but for some time now, there's been a picture referencing the first question. And chances are your internet browser allows you to open another tab and do a Google image search. Feel free to check out your own pictures if you think the one in the header is too biased.

  • ted

    the goal of the wwe wellness policy is to keep wwe talent "alive". this is not a real sport like football. baseball. basketball in which there is real competition among athletes.

    the whole point of the wwe welness policy is to protect the company from legal liability and the intesnse media scrutiny if a talent passes away while under wwe contract like eddie or chris benoit or brian pillman.

  • Michael

    The Rock is always posing pictures, and if its not him eating or on set hes in the gym.. when he is in he gym he has more sweat on than clothes.

    As for Edge i don't want him to come back, I don't want him to hurt himself more, or kill himself, you could see on live TV just before he left that he was in pain when he speared Brodus Clay outside the ring, you could see it hurt, he has sacrificed enough, he has put his body on the line so many times, I think he deserves the time he has, its not like he left WWE by choice.. like what "Hollywood" said, majority of us knew what Richard was going to say..

  • nforaker

    It’s always the people who don’t lift correctly and don’t diet the right way that assume someone who is bigger than them is jacked up…

  • Ray

    There is so much science behind body building today. There’s anabolic supplements that are close to being illegal but still legal. That’s the reality of a serious weight lifter. You’ll alway want to be bigger & better even if your satisfied with your physical appearance. One sign of someone on anabolics is the size of their traps. Obviously The Rock has juiced. Rather it be legal or illegal, it’s his health. I think it’s safe to say anyone who’s a serious weight lifter there’s a point in time where your tempted to use roids.

  • Ray

    P.S Randy Orten used Anavar. I’m sure there’s wrestlers that use D-Bol. But those wrestlers that use those legal steroids sure are not the size of The Rock.

  • Joey

    Rock works hard at everything he does. Go look at his Twitter, it's very motivating. He's constantly working out, filming, doing media, etc. It's a wonder that the guy has any time for family. I always forget that he has a daughter as well. While some could argue that the Wellness Policy is more for show than anything, I really do think that it has helped the company out, look who's been suspended the past year, Orton, Mysterio, Bourne (who was champion during one of his suspensions). The top guys set a good example though, Cena I think has proven how hard he works and that he is no phony when it comes to straying true to yourself physically, and Punk has shown us that you don't need to fit the "Pro-Wrestling-Status-Quo", and that excellence at your craft can truly get you a long ways, I think the roster is taking after this.

    • bettysteve

      and then ryback, a muscle on legs, comes along and gets "fast tracked" to "champion status", because of his looks, not his skills. so much for Punk showing that in ring skill is just as good as a "roid on legs". sad really,

    • Ray

      Really. I recal wathing a interview with John Cena. And the interview asked Cena

    • Ray

      Reall. I recal watching a interview on tv with John Cena and the interviewer asked Cena if he ever used steroids and Cena’s exact words were ” I can neither confirm nor deny that I’ve used steroids”. U can interrupt that however you want

      • partyjereme

        That's because they edited the Cena interview to make him and the WWE look bad, the WWE ended up putting the full unedited interview online a day or two later.

  • Chip Walker

    I remember an interview Brock Lesnar had with ESPN. The interviewer asked Brock is if he ever took steroids and Brock immediately got up and left the interview scene. Then he was caught off record saying he never failed a drug test. Funny because he wasn’t asked if he ever failed a test, he was asked if he ever took roids. And for someone to be really upset upon asking this question shows that he took them. Obviously it’s no secret to anyone, Brock while in wwe took it and the office looked the other way because he was their money maker. When he went to UFC it was a whole different story! Dana White dont care if your making the company millions or ones, if you fail a drug test your ass is suspended.

  • Einar

    Maybe the Rock is just using "The cooling glove" : Stanford researchers' cooling glove 'better than steroids' – and helps solve physiological mystery, too. Google it they have a nice video of something legal that helps working out greatly.

  • Magdaddy


    We're gonna need you to write a comment before you can post it.

  • opie

    I don’t know that any of the full-time workers have the time to work out like the Rock does. Richard’s talked about it before. When they travel, they have to find a place to work out in every town. I’m sure Rock’s never far from the gym. Plus he’s got some pretty solid genes. Rocky Johnson was built very well, and he was around before steroids became all the rage (not saying he never used them, so before all you little trolls start talking about when Superstar Billy Graham started juicing, just save it — i ain’t got time for that nonsense). The High Chief was built, too.

  • brince

    The Rock's fans can die for him. I am not saying he's on steroids but even if he was, they would still defend him

  • Ray

    The whole thing with Edge is how seriously we should take this "one bad bump" stuff he feeds us… because the fact of the matter is every single member of the WWE roster is "one bad bump" away from being paralyzed for the rest of their lives. So without a proper explaination, which I never got besides "he has a bad neck", it's hard to take it as seriously as it may be. We fans aren't doctors and we hear about wrestlers getting hurt bad and needing surgery all the time, than see them return after they heal and stay on for years to come. Just saying…

  • sdd619

    Edge say's one thing & does another. I understand you being upset with Edge, cause he "Lied to you" when he said no he was not going to appear at Summer Slam, but your a dirt sheet worker. He is or was a worker & was to be a surprise. Edge only did his job as i would do, cause you are the enemy in WWE & TNA. I mean what would you have done in his position. You would have done the same thing, otherwise you would get fired or in Edge's case not get paid or used, cause he exposed a storyline to a dirt sheet writer. Use your head he did his job

    • Kevin

      Absolutely. Look what happened to The Funkasaurus. Just before he was set to make his debut, he blabbed his mouth about the plans that had been laid out for him. Suddenly, we were fed 3 or 4 weeks of postponements of his debut, only to finally have him debut as this gimmic The Funkasaurus, instead of the major heel he was planned to be. Don't bite the hand that feeds you, 'cause it'll reach out and slap the taste right out your mouth. LOL

  • partyjereme

    The WWE's plans of having Regal as a top heel on Raw were blown up when he failed a wellness test 3 or 4 years ago, I'm not sure if you would consider those major plans though.

  • _JIM_

    Hollywood is known quite well for actors using HGH to bulk up for movies, and I seriously doubt that Rock is the one guy not to be doing it. The thing is that by the time that he begins doing appearances for WWE again whatever he was on to get that big will be out of his system long before he has to take a wellness test. The guy shouldn't be advertising it though by posting pictures of himself on Twitter all jacked up like he has been doing for the last month or so. The one with him lifting at the gym with headphones on about a month ago was unbelievable. He looked nearly twice as big as he did the last time he was on WWE TV. You dont't get that big that fast without cheating. Just doesn't happen.

  • PhilT81

    I don’t ever want to see Edge wrestle or take a bump again. He’s given enough and proven enough and remember that he retired as the champion – not many people can ever go out like that and then be inducted straight into the hall of fame. Edge has absolutely nothing left to prove and his legacy is secured. He’s also intelligent enough that he has enough money saved that he doesn’t have to work but does have a potential acting career ahead of him. Compare the way Edge has gone out to Ric Flair who keeps going and going – I know which I think is more dignified.