Wellness Violations, Flair As GM, Christian/Ezekiel Jackson, WWE Network & Current TV Deals

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Were there any big Wellness violation during the Attitude Era?

The WWE Talent Wellness Program was not enacted until February 2006 and was seen as a response to the sudden death of Eddie Guerrero.

Wouldn't Ric Flair as a babyface be better than Vickie Guerrero as a heel for the lead power figure of WWE Raw?

There was actually talk late last year of making Ric Flair the on-screen WWE Raw General Manager, however, there was some reluctance to give Flair a live mic on a weekly basis. It's been done before but apparently Vince McMahon was nervous about Flair going "all Ric Flair" on the USA Network. Another problem is Flair is not currently under a new WWE contract although his relationship remains close. As for Vickie Guerrero, she gained a lot of support to replace AJ Lee this fall and that's what happened.

Do you have an update on the whereabouts on Christian and Ezekiel Jackson?

Both Christian and Ezekiel Jackson are out rehabbing injuries and are under WWE contract. We've covered both in detail so now we're just filing this under "wait and see."

How will the WWE Network affect the company's current television deals?

The WWE Network isn't scheduled to affect the company's current television deals. The company wants to provide the network in addition to their current deals. Obviously should Smackdown not get renewed when its contract with SyFy comes up this fall, WWE would like to have a guaranteed backup plan. WWE is under contract with all of their deals domestically and internationally and we'll report of any changes, however, the big one to watch for now will be Smackdown's deal with SyFy that expires in October 2013.

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  • S Canter

    I think there will be a lot more interest in the WWE. Network if Smackdown moves to it. Losing Syfy might actually be the best thing to happen to WWE.

    • I disagree here. If SyFy decides to not renew their contract with Smackdown, I can easily see a sharp drop in ratings for the program if it is only on the WWE network. This may sound crazy, but what if Vince, as he has had a great working relationship with them, tries to get it moved to NBC? That would expose the product to a much wider audience.

  • I lost it when I read the bit about Vince worrying he would go “all Ric Flair” on live TV.

    • Haha I was wondering who would appreciate that

  • SoulFool


  • I would have suggested Ric Flair being general manager than Vickie being assistant, and she could stop Ric Flair from going “all Ric Flair” on us.

  • WrestlingFan4Life

    As much as I’d like to see some of the classic matches, as well as the new programming, that the WWE Network will be airing, I will NOT pay extra money to subscribe to it. Direct TV is already expensive as it is; I don’t subscribe to any premium channels now, nor will I if the WWE Network deal goes through. So if Smackdown moves from SyFy to WWE Network, then I won’t be seeing Smackdown anymore. I’m sure I’m not the only one.