What Alex Shelley Is Telling People About His TNA Departure, Interest From WWE; Another TNA Star Expected To Be Leaving At The End Of The Summer

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Alex Shelley celebrated his 29th birthday at a party Tuesday night. A topic of discussion was his departure from TNA and possible move to WWE. Shelley made it clear it was his decision to leave TNA and there was no deal in place with WWE.

I'm told Shelley received a call from a top WWE star earlier this week who inquired about his status and let him know a lot of people were interested. Shelley let this particular star know his obligations with TNA were finished and he was free to do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. Alex even said he had considered going back to school to finish his degree.

My source indicated that Chris Sabin is definitely leaving TNA at the end of the summer.

Other than that, Shelley is expected to be offered a WWE contract in the near future.

  • mr shwo

    man wwe is picking up everyone

  • jonathon212

    what is the latest on matt morgan ?

  • Big D

    MCMG for Tag Team Champs!

  • nightmarephantom

    It's funny WWE is picking up the talented people who won't cost them a lot of money who leave TNA. TNA is picking up the older people who cost way too much money from WWE. Seems like WWE gets the win there.

  • huz

    Wow WWE just keeps building their roster with more and more really talented wrestlers. I just hope they start using them soon.

  • jonathon212

    velvet sky said on her twitter that her and sabin arent going anywhere so take that for wtvr its worth