What Do CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Big Show & John Cena Eat On A Daily Basis?

The Herald Sun has a brief article online mentioning that WWE Champion CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are "strict vegans" with quotes from Big Show.

The publication notes Show enjoyed a 20-egg omelette, milk, juices and a tub of ice cream for breakfast?

Show noted:

"I tend to over-eat when the food is good, but I'm not a glut. I don't drink, though an occasional glass of beer makes me happy.

"The thing is to be hungry all the time. But I've got the power to keep my hunger under control."

The publication reports John Cena ate eight eggs and oatmeal for breakfast, chicken and vegetables for lunch and the same for dinner. You can read the piece at this link.

  • Dufus

    A 20 egg omelet, milk, juices, and a tub of ice cream? He says he has his hunger under control and stays hungry all the time? Imagine how much he would eat if he let himself go? wow

    • Don

      Yeah, and now with the recent findings showing how bad eggs are (2/3 as bad as smoking) he's in trouble if he keeps that up. Not to mention bigger people die naturally faster than average sized people.

      • gpturbo81

        congrats you've been brainwashed

        • Kleck

          One year eggs are great for you. Good for your heart and good cholesterol. The very next year eggs are terrible for you. Eggs are fine in moderation.

      • Eggs arent bad for, especially if you train and perform like these guys, youll need extra protein to support that kind of lifestyle. But, if youre someone who doesnt workout, then eating that much would be harmful.

  • Ice cream for breakfast? No wonder he’s fat.

  • AnacondaVise

    I had a Pop-Tart for breakfast if anyone cares.

    • Marc P

      Me too.

    • Andrew Ace

      I do

      • Matthew

        How did it go from big show to loving pop tarts?

  • Mojo

    I eat that whole box of pop tarts. One package is a good start but the third tart is about right. But the second one in the package gets lonely. Then you’re stuck with one package in the box and no one wants that. Poof. Gone.

  • Autista

    I ate a kebab.. FU CENA!!

  • _JIM_

    If it was just egg whites in the omelet I think that’s still ok. Its the yolks that are supposedly bad for you.

    Of course Show would eat large portions when he has meals. The guy is gigantic and needs the extra nutritional intake compared to somebody my size 6′ 160lbs. He’s close to being 3 of me. Plus he’s an athlete who works out and is wrestling frequently. So to keep that 400+ lb frame moving I’m not surprised by this news. Remember Michael Phelps had a 14,000 calorie a day diet when he was training for the olympics, and he’s nowhere near the size of Show or even Cena.


    Sorry did I miss it, What does Cena eat? Punk & Daniel are vegan & Big Show eats pretty much everything, but it doesn't mention what Cena eats.