What Do You Want To See On WWE's YouTube Channel?

With Zack Ryder (Z! True Long Island Story) and Dolph Ziggler (WWE Download) announcing the end of their respective YouTube shows, WWE wants to know what fans what to see on their official channel. Below is the question and the responses, followed by the link to vote.

What kind of programming would you most want to see on WWE’s YouTube channel in 2013?

  • Behind-the-scenes footage and backstage interviews
  • “Best of” video rankings and countdowns
  • Superstar-hosted reality shows
  • Profiles of Superstars' lives outside the ring and/or at home
  • Ring action recaps and highlight reels
  • WWE-themed game shows with fan contestants
  • Superstar-hosted fitness and exercise shows
  • Animated WWE shows/WWE cartoons
  • Classic full-length WWE matches
  • WWE news center/live fan “call-in” show

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Richard Reacts: As of this writing, "Classic full-length WWE matches," what I voted for, leads the poll with 27%.

  • Longer episodes of AUS

  • Kleck

    Classic full length matches!

  • The Breaker

    I’d vote for the last one, if it means the return of ‘Byte This!’.

  • Dangerous Lee

    “Boobies” should have been an option.

  • iamjohnnymcb

    to show raw and smackdown recaps outside of america

  • Jake

    Anything with Curt hawkins!!!

  • Pluto

    All of the above

  • not the “this content is not available in your country”

  • Snap

    Of the choices, the classic full length (and unedited) matches would be my choice, but what I would really be interested in would be roundtable discussions like the Legends of Wrestling.

    Oh, and nothing that they don’t make available to the entire WWE “Universe.”

  • Laura

    I don’t watch their YouTube channel so it really doesn’t matter what they put on it. None of those choices are interesting to me and won’t get me to start watching it.