What JR Was Doing This Weekend, Batista Not Originally In Evolution, WWE Signing

- Jim Ross was at Saturday's Oklahoma Sooners college football game at Notre Dame and appeared on their pre-game broadcast. You can watch video at this link.

- Triple H revealed in the new "Thy Kingdom Come" DVD that the original plans for Evolution included Mark Jindrak rather than Dave Batista. They even filmed vignettes with Jindrak being aligned with Randy Orton, Triple H and Ric Flair. Batista obviously landed the role and the rest is history.

- WWE has signed Pierre Marceau to a developmental contract.

  • Xavier

    I heard rumors at one point that Sean O’Haire was suppose be the 4th member of Evolution as well

  • Venom

    Actually from what I remember it was rumored to be Jindrak and Rhyno with Orton and Triple H with Flair as manager. Then with Batista added it was either Rhyno and Jindrak but decided to keep it 3 wrestlers with Flair as manager to not make it look like a 4 Horsemen clone. Obviously Flair kept wrestling for other reasons.

    • Mysterion

      You start that sentence with “actually” like you’re right, then continue it with something you heard… Yea. I think I’ll believe the guy who’s DVD it is mate.

      • Venom

        When I said “actually” I meant that it wasn’t news as I remember wrestling reports at the time were reporting about Jindrak and possibly Rhyno in Evolution. So by all means believe the guy on the DVD “mate” since I never disputed him. The only news for me is that there was a promo shot with Jindrak.

  • Foamy
  • Michael Torres

    We have all heard that evolution was the NWO of the WWE, At one point in time or another.

  • Michael Torres

    But it never lasted because the group eventually split thanks to the chairman of the WWE.

  • Michael Torres

    Not to mention that you have to admit that evolution was a great tag team of wrestlers.