What Now For Bobby Lashley?, Tension Between Lesnar & Cena, Creating WWE Merchandise, Upcoming Developmental Call-Ups

With Bobby Lashley losing another MMA fight over the weekend, how soon will it be before he signs a new contract with WWE?

Bobby Lashley has been interested in returning to WWE since late last year, before his loss this weekend. The problem is WWE isn't as interested in bringing him back. Lashley took a big risk in trying MMA. Either he would have success like Brock Lesnar and his stock would skyrocket or he wouldn't and his stock would plummet. Unfortunately for Lashley, he hasn't had success and there is no rush to bring him back.

What was the cause of tension between Brock Lesnar and John Cena during Brock's initial run with WWE?

Brock Lesnar didn't like John Cena when the two were just emerging on the scene. I don't know if there's a clear answer as to why but they didn't get along. Brock is a funny guy and not very personable but he and John didn't see eye-to-eye. With that being said I don't know how things are between the two today.

How does WWE select which superstars to produce merchandise for and how much emphasis is put on what superstars wear to the ring?

It all depends on who is over. The more crowd reactions a worker generates, the more merchandise WWE is going to put out in hopes of turning a big profit. Let me give you a recent example. Daniel Bryan drew big "Yes, Yes, Yes" chants so the company releases a "Yes, Yes, Yes" t-shirt. It all has to do with what the company thinks will sell the most. As for emphasis on what a worker wears to the ring, WWE obviously wants talent to wear their merchandise to the ring because if a fan sees them wearing it, they are more likely to buy that particular product.

When are we going to see Dean Ambrose called up to the main WWE roster?

Dean Ambrose's debut on the main WWE roster seems imminent, as he has been working pre-show dark matches. He, along with Bo Rotundo and Bray Wyatt (formerly Husky Harris),are on the short list for a call-up to the main roster.

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  • Ricky

    I wish they would call Kasius Ohno to the main roster and Seth Rollins.

    • Jason


  • Brandon

    I think bringing back Lashley to WWE maybe is a great thing. But not for now. Lashley got zero mic skills and a "so-so" in-ring. If WWE does bring Lashley back, put him in a place where Ziggler is now; hanging between upper mid-card and main event and use him to elevated more credible future main eventer. WWE pushed him to the moon too soon and pretty much realized they've push the wrong guy. No offense to Lashley, but that's what I think of him in WWE.

    • izblack

      I felt that Lashley was hurt by the fact that he never got too work with guys like Triple H, HBK Orton, Taker, Edge, Batista, The Hardyz. He worked once with Cena & Benoit and those were both really good matches. Lashley was good when he had someone too help carry him. I think Lashley is an investment worth taking a shot at again if they decided too bring him back. The WWE is short on viable “babyfaces” and Lashley could fit into that mold fairly well IMO.

      • smark

        what hurt him was quiting an geting mad at wwe for wanting crystal lashleys girlfriend at the time to replace lita at the time so lashley and crystal quit had a baby and know they are no longer together

    • The Breaker

      So basically you're saying to use Lashley as an enhancement talent. Sounds about right. Ziggler deserves a push to the main event more than just about anybody on the roster.

  • Matt Scott

    Off subject whats the new layout? It's rather dizzying :-/

  • El Diablo

    The Bray Wyatt character is great, it's essentially a new version of one of my favorite gimmicks from the 90's, Waylon Mercy.

    • Matt Scott

      His in ring debut was against a young Jeff Hardy!

    • PikaPal4ever

      waylon mercy was a decent wrestler in the early to mid 90's. Too bad we never got the credit he deserved.

      • 1)Bobby Lashley has been training in San Jose, California at the American Kickboxing Academy for MMA. His WWE non-complete clasue includes MMA, but it expires on 5/10, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Lashley has not decided what is next for him. He is expected to either pick MMA or TNA after his non-complete clasue expires. : I hope lashely goes to tna in my opinion because I would be interested in seeing him fued with samoa joe, abyss, rhyno, matt morgan, and kevin nash in my opinion. I would just love to see those power houses fued with lashely. I think tna will be the perfect place for lashely in my opinion..2)For those wondering what kind of numbers WWE does in Canada, Raw on 2/25 drew 198,000 Canadian viewers (or about a 2.1 rating). Smackdown did 2/22 did 180,000 viewers and ECW on 2/22 drew 164,000 viewers. : wow nice job wwe, they should keep up to the good work to make the canadians happy.3) CM Punk is reportedly back in the dog house. The road agents aren’t particularly fond of his wrestling style, they believe that he’s a mark for himself, and he’s gotten some bad house show reports in recent weeks stating that he’s inconsistent and sloppy. : Why don’t they give cm punk some time off so he can recoperate, and let him spend some time with his family. Rest is always good for the health. Cm punk is a good wrestler, but lacks the mic skills, but if he continues on practicing it then his days in wwe could get lucky.4)for any of you who missed RAW last night, like me, you can : I saw raw last week, but thank you ^^4)Why doesn’t anyone mark my question/spoilers interesting? i mean i find spoilers for you guys, but then no one wants to think that my info is interesting! maybe i should just stop and you guys could find your own news you guys put stars for everyone else! : maybe they got other intrest, or probably read em before you did. (no offense)5)I hate that guy replied to my question, The guy who makes that stupid remark everytime he answers a question! yeah im talkin about That Eddie Guerrero Wannabe! : I answered a question but he just gave me he’s to lazy slip. I agree he needs to answer people’s questions or he’ll get banned by someone.

    • BigMike

      Waylon Mercy aka Dan SPivey didnt have as long a run in WWF/E because by the time he came back to WWF/E he was battling server back injuries . he started out as far as I know in the WWF/E and was partnered with Mike IRS Rotundo when Barry Windham left and was supposed to be the new US Express but didnt last he then went to WCW and was a skyscraper

  • gbdb

    anybody and bring on the kings of wrestling to dominate the tag team scene of course they will have to create one

  • jus2cme

    Lashley left wwe right when he was abt to take off. Others left after they won a world title an made a name for themself

    Lashley would have to sign a regular fulltime contract and start over from scratch

    • Anand

      The only notable achievement he had in the WWE was featuring in the wrestlemania hair vs hair match between Vince & Trump. He should have utilized the opportunity to grow in the company. Instead he left at the wrong time. He was a good wrestler with an amazing physique. He will be a good addition to the roster but I am sure he wont be given any push right away. He may have to spend some time to establish himself and hope for a push a few months down the line.

  • Prprince

    IMO lashley sucks. I just saw a big hype for a guy that left

  • Rob UK

    WWE needs to stop looking at bringing in former stars – or in lashley's case just a former employee and start to develop and push the younger talent.

    We have Ziggler, Rhodes, Miz, macintyre, del rio and many more in FCW.

    • Anand

      Agree 100% on Ziggler, Rhodes & Miz. They definitely deserve a good feud/push

  • bigdaddywest

    The Miz, Ziggler, and Rhodes,Macintyre,need more work with big names Del Rio is one his way need to bring guys in that will sale tickets