What The Crowd Was Watching During John Cena vs. Curtis Axel

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We've received numerous questions about what happened during John Cena vs. Curtis Axel in the crowd at this week's WWE Monday Night Raw. For those that missed it, the entire crowd took their eyes off the match and the cameras pulled in extremely tight, referee John Cena even seemed to be distracted.

We're told an all-out brawl ensued in the crowd, involving four or five people with at least one of them being female.

When the ambulance came out for the Ryback/Cena angle, the first belief in the crowd was that it was for what was happening. The fight was finally quelled as Cena hit the 5 Knuckle Shuffle and the cameras pulled back out.

  • lbp365

    The real problem how u going to build up curt axel if u start him out with Cena and a lost?!!

    • Xavier

      Axel won, so what’s your point?

    • Yeah axel won by count out dude, so as far as WWE is concerned axel is 2-0 against hunter and Cena despite never having pinned anyone yet

      • Jason Parker

        3-0 he beat sin cara

        • Ahh yeah my bad 😛 Forgot about Smackdown’s match. He’s 2-0 Against noteworthy talent then? How’s that one sound?

  • Jasmyn Smith

    Omg THANK YOU. I was going crazy tryna figure out what happened..

    On another note..Curtis Axel seems like a douche. He didn’t beat HHH idc what ppl say.

    • Wilo

      WWE is promoting that he “did beat” Triple H

  • TheBigKing1

    I figured that that’s what happened. Of course they are going to be more attracted to a real fight than a fake fight. Lol. Jk Jk

  • gagep931

    LOL, The referee John Cena xD

  • Tay Bos

    I was under the impression that the crowd popped for the ambulance because they thought it was Scott Steiner.

  • Rambo Commander

    A bunch of guys must have booed cena as he deserves, and the female would have taken offence to it and her boyfriend must have picked up a with with them for it…. hope he got his a** kicked 😉