What The New WWE Title Could Have Looked Like - A Look At Proposed Designs

Dot com has a fascinating photo gallery now online on the new WWE title belt. The photos show proposed designs before the company settled on the new design now around John Cena's waist. You can view the gallery at this link.

  • PainOfDemise

    Wow, glad they picked the one they did.

    • That was my thought. What would the people that don’t like the current design say about any of those?

      • KingKongBrody

        I like the one they have but if I had to pick one of the other choices I like the eagle one the best

        • PainOfDemise

          First thought when I saw the eagle one, it made me think of the Diva’s title. So I would like it for the new Diva’s title, not the WWE one.

      • Honestly I like the one that looks like a championship ring. It says I’m the top dog.

      • Chris

        I will admit, these pictures make me think they made the right choice, even though I still don’t really love the current product. I still with they had taken the Winged Eagle of the past and modernized it like they did with the IC title.

  • lee

    The one with the eagle or the one with the chains would have been alot better, as long as they could not have been customize for Cena.

    • Chris

      Seriously? What have YOU been smoking?

      • lee

        Im a non smoker, i just dont care for when they customize a title for someone even if its the side plates. Those two titles look better then the one they are using.

  • Nick

    Glad they picked the one they did but I would have liked them to resort back to the winged eagle belt much like when Cody brought back the IC belt from back in the day.

  • chris

    All the others look more like kiddie toys than the Spinner belt ever was. Suddenly i’m a lot happier with the current belt 🙂

  • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

    Idk, throw a black strap on that first one and its not too bad.
    Also, the one that has the diamonds around the square, not as bad as the one they picked.
    The big eagle one couldve been nice with some tweaking.

  • StraightEdgeForLife

    I was talking to The Rock, and I told him I liked the one with the square face. Do you know what he said to me??? ‘It Doesn’t Matter What You Like!!!!!!’…

  • Snap

    The belt they have now isn’t bad, where it suffers is with WWE’s obsession with “bling” to make it stand out. Less is certainly more, as the jewels should be used to accentuate the belt, not BE the belt. Of the proposed designs, only the one with the red strap looks like an actual, albeit generic, championship belt.

  • Steve

    They all look like children designed them, including the one we got. I’d be much happier with the Attitude Era WWE Title or the Undisputed WWE Title completely unaltered. An updated Attitude Era Title would be best far and away. Not just because of the era either. It was just the nicest belt imo.

  • I liked the one with the flame myself.