What Vince McMahon Has Spent Doing The Morning After Election Day, Why Key Insiders Are Concerned, Backstage News On How Failed Survivor Series Plans Are Only The Beginning To A Laundry List Of Issues

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If Vince McMahon's public reaction to Linda McMahon's US Senate loss wasn't telling enough, we're told Vince is in a terrible mood. Vince has spent the morning calling up key staffers and giving them an earful in regards to the Survivor Series booking. Vince is still "very upset" about how the original main event for Survivor Series came across and having to change it on the fly at Monday's television tapings.

We're told not only is Vince in panic mode but prominent insiders say they haven't seen him this frazzled in a long time. Vince is bitter that he is blowing the scheduled main event for WWE TLC and feels they are now backed into another corner with the December pay-per-view.

The chaos isn't expected to end any time soon as the company will spend the next six weeks figuring out how to not bury Ryback, keep the WWE Championship on CM Punk and prevent John Cena from appearing weak after time off. Not only do these creative quandaries have to be handled with delicacy but there are still questions about the Wrestlemania status of The Undertaker and Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar's future, what to do with Dolph Ziggler's title shot and a dire need for someone to step up to lead Smackdown.

All and all to say Vince is "feeling the heat" would be a tremendous understatement.

  • Dig Baddy

    I know it's obvious but why not just have Lesnar show up at SS and F-5 Cena and Ryback…Punk keeps the title…have Lesnar work against someone at TLC…and move on to new programming with Punk til Rumble. Ahh it's simple!

  • Ryan

    seems to me that Dolph's situation and having someone step up to lead Smackdown can both be resolved at the same time!

  • Isaac

    This just shows us how being in creative is not as easy as we may think sometimes

  • Bigdaddychuck

    Richard maybe they should hire Russo back lol lol lol

  • leonard

    I would be very upset to if i lost 100 million dollars .

  • evil

    A couple of Heyman guys take out Cena and Ryback. Ryback rampages, but ends "out" for SS, Super Cena muscles through the pain as always and makes the PPV. Ryback comes back and clobbers the Hayman guys at TLC in a handicap match.

  • izblack

    I hate too say this but McMahon brought this on himself by pushing Ryback thru the roof way too early, he insisted that Ryback face Punk at HIAC for the title and insisted he be put in a program with Punk & Cena knowing that the plan is for Punk too drop the title too The Rock, and with that plan in mind his only choice is for Ryback too lose which makes Ryback appear kind of weak seeing how his push is just beginning. Vince McMahon screwed Vince McMahon

  • Bigdaddychuck

    Here is what they should do to make everyone happy. Pay Austin the money so it’s Punk vs Austin than Brock vs Taker than Rock vs Cena.. Turn DZ face and Orton heel and let them be the 4th main event all starting around the rumble.. Ppl would be going crazy for those 4 main events… Have HHH get fed to Ryback too.. It’s really that simple..

    • nails

      I like this idea!

  • partyjereme

    Why would the WWE be worried about what to do with Ziggler's title shot right now, they still have about 8 months left to figure out what to do with it.

  • Nails

    This is easy. Have Kane and Bryan drop straps at SS. Book Punk vs Bryan at TLC for match quality. Book Show vs Sheamus and have Ziggler cash in thus giving him the WM29 moment he needs to go to the next level. Book Cena vs Ryback.

  • steve

    Jericho to the Smackdown rescue again as a face, and Punk back to SD. Wade and Shemus can fued and we will get Punk and Jericho again which we all want I think. Still leaves Dolf without a fued but him and Randy would be great. The other option is to make SD a Cruiserweight / US or Intercontinental (lets unify them) show with all the above over on RAW. On another tangent, I don't know why but I feel a Ryback v Mason Ryan thing about to happen. Imagine this at WM followed by Goldberg v Batista it would be great !!!

  • Michael

    Cena Vs Ryback Vs Punk, Ryback pins Punk, Heyman hits him on the head making it a DQ, Cena AA's Heyman, Punk runs off and Ryback clotheslines Heyman KO'ing him?

  • Evonreese

    If they would take the title off Punk it would solve their problems and probably their ratings. I don’t know why they insist on keeping him Champ. They could easily replace him with Bryan or Ziggler and generate more interest in WWE. Punk had his moment and it is long gone.