What Vince McMahon Told Dolph Ziggler About Match At TLC, Why There Is Concern For The Shield In First PPV Bout; How Are They Fitting In Backstage?, Details On The Build To CM Punk vs. The Rock, Reaction To Cody Rhodes' Mustache

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- We continue to hear about concern for Dolph Ziggler in his Ladder Match for the MITB contract at WWE TLC on Sunday. Everyone seems to believe Ziggler is going to take unnecessary risks and end up getting hurt. Vince McMahon is aware of the concern and even told Ziggler that he can only steal the show if he's able to work the next.

- Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are fitting in well backstage and are basically keeping to themselves. Roman Reigns seems a little more out of place, especially given the fact he's working with two people seen as seasoned veterans and not green rookies.

- While everyone is worried about Dolph, there are more than a few people concerned about The Shield's first opportunity on the big stage in a TLC match against Ryback. Ryback is still a concern amongst many and Rollins and Ambrose are bound to work on a high level in their first pay-per-view.

- WWE is moving directly into the build for CM Punk vs. The Rock with the thinking the longer the build, the bigger the buyrate. This all goes back to the similar philosophy in John Cena vs. Rock which produced a buyrate Vince McMahon was pleased with in Wrestlemania 28.

- We're told Vince McMahon's comments for Cody Rhodes' new mustache weren't very "be-a-star like."

  • Nostaljack

    Cody's mustache is awful. It's not the end of the world or anything; I just hope he gets rid of it sooner than later. Some faces just shouldn't have mustaches on them. Cody's is one of them.

    • KingJamsie

      He isn’t a face, he’s a heel…

      (I couldn’t resist)

      • ImAwesome420

        He clearly meant his face shouldn’t have a stache not that he was a face…nice attempt at a correction though

  • Amsterdam

    Damn my respect for Ziggler just went wayyyyyy up…dude wants to steal the show so bad that they're trying to talk him down.

    • Punker

      He needs to be careful and not be like someone like jeff hardy. Theres times when it makes sense and times when its just silly to be so risky. You want to look good, but if you screw up your body's longevity whats the point

    • amaanakter786

      Hahaha so true

  • John

    Are WWE seriously worried about The Shield headlining a PPV so soon? Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins could outwrestle pretty much everyone on the WWE roster on there worst day! They will be just fine!

    The only way this match can fail is if the WWE try and make Ryback the star of the show. If they let Ambrose, Rollins, Bryan and Kane work the majority of the match then it will be a pretty good match.

  • kbunyon

    My son grew a better 'stache when he was 12, and he's not a very hairy person. I have to say that Cody's peach fuzz gave us quite the giggle, but it was Miz's comment about rubbing off Sandow's beard that about had us on the floor!


    • JoMo12


      What’s your thoughts on the Miz turning babyface? I absolutely love it!

  • Jaryd

    Cody looks like Freddie Mercury!