What Was On John Cena's Arm On Monday?

For those wondering what the "crisscross, spiderweb-looking" tape was that covered John Cena's surgically repaired arm on WWE Raw on Monday night, it was SpiderTech, a type of athletic adhesive known as Kinesio Tape. The adhesive is used to speed recovery time.

You can read more about the adhesive by an article on dot com at this link.

  • There was a big article during the Olympics where the athletes were using it as fashion as well as function. Christopher Daniels uses it as well I believe.

  • Guzzie1984

    In the Times in the Uk last week the manufacturer admitted it is still at test stage and no guarentees that it works as yet

  • Ranfery25

    It looked disgusting idk I guess its one of those things That creep me out lol

  • JakShowtime

    One of the Chiropractors I worked with when I worked at a Physical Therapy clinic used it all the time on his patients. I had it applied from time to time when I was in pain and it did seem to work somewhat, even if just from a placebo effect…

  • Lenny

    Oh! and there i was thinking Cena was trying to copy Jeff Hardy…

  • sweeeeeet

    I thought he got a tattoo, but then I thought wait a minute? Didn’t he just have surgery on that arm? Lol had no idea.

  • lll

    It still looked cool. Gave him an edge.